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  1. Hi We have done all that today. It makes our blood boil when we read what they have sent and that they seem to think it is ok to ignore our SAR request. I have no idea what FOS will say but do hope they read what info we have and what has gone on and do something about it. They haven't even registered a CCJ or registered it on the mtg repo register so how on earth can they chase for money? bizarre we both just want this sorting so we can get on with our lives.
  2. Hi everyone I thought I would upate on where we are. I sent a SAR request recorded on 6th October last year to which we received no reply. Last week out of the blue we received another notice of sale stating we owe 70k. I wrote back and said we asked for a copy of our file as above and received a letter back stating we have had their final decision notice so basically go away! I have packed up everything today and am posting it to FOS tomorrow. This is disgusting. They have not followed procedure in repossessing the house, then proceeded to give it away and then demand we pay this re
  3. Hi PCR1 sorry to hear about your problems. We are at the beginnings of all this but think the lender hasn't registered a money order yet. You definitely need to get some legal advice. There is a lady on the site that owed about 40k and manged to short settle for 8k. If you look at my threads you should be able to pick hers up. Is there anyway you can go self employed as that screws their AOE?
  4. Ok thanks I'll do that and let you know what happens. Shall I hold off complaining to FOS until we have this back?
  5. Hi Ell-en Do you know I don't know whether there was a money order. There are no CCJ's registered as I've done credit searches on his old address and current one which show no bad credit. How would I find out and does this make a difference? Basically he never received any formal paperwork. We only found out the house had been repo'd almost 2 yrs after he stopped paying the mtg because our estate agent told us there sign had been removed and a notice put in the window!
  6. Hi Sillygirl1 - all interesting info. We've done credit searches on my partner and my address where he lives now and his old address which he left over 3 yrs ago and there are no CCJ's registered. Does that mean they can still try registering one? surely they should have done that when they repo'd in May 2009? I am in a right quandry over this one. I've done and income and expenditure report and it shows we cannot pay them anything. I don't know whether to send them that and say there is no point chasing for money and see what they say. What do you think?
  7. Hi Sillgirl1 - thats a strange one! alot of 2nd charge companies don't instigate repo as they don't get anything. Anyway if they not really chasing you and you ignored them for 6 yrs I think they cannot chase you have to that. I think we will see what FOS say as after reading Ellen's post it adds fuel to the fire. With his house they received 2 full price offers before even advertising it which confirms to me that it was under priced and why didn't they go to sealed bids? Anyway its the not knowing thats the worst thing and I don't want him getting stressed over it as he is more worried th
  8. Hi Sillygirl1 Sorry to hear what happened to you. Can you tell me more? Why is there nothing else they can do to enforce as repo was via a court order? Thanks
  9. Hi everyone - thank you all for replying. My partner CANNOT go bankrupt as he works in financial services and would be out of a job. So this is not an option for us. We are not 'hard up' but don't have any spare money either as he is self employed a recently started his own business so they cannot go for an attachment of earnings. I don't think there is any point in them trying to make him BR as his has no assests/savings. He moved in with me and the house we live in is in my name. We have no objections to paying them something our gripe is the fact that the liability could have been 1
  10. To DonkeyB - I replied to the wrong question regarding a query with Welcome. There was no need for your email to me. Fine to challenge but you personally insulted me. So what if we have problems does that mean am I am barred from trying to help others by you.
  11. Thanks for your reply DonkeyB. I was trying to help after reading that there are other people in horrble situations. Your email to me is disgusting I hope you never have the misfortune to go through what me and my partner are going through.
  12. Hi That's fantastic news. We are about to start the same but owing 70k. Can you give me any hints or tips as we have no money available for lump sum etc but would go cap in hand to relatives if we could get it down to a sensible amount. Please see my postings and thanks in anticipation.
  13. Hi They definitely registered the default in October 07. Yes I did miss approx 6 months payments but the point is they agreed with my x's solicitor that they wouldn't do this if the loan was repaid in full by 31/1/08 and it was settled in full with a cheque sent by his solicitor. I have never had bad credit and cannot believe how much this is effecting me. I thinks its disgusting. I had no money and had maxed out my credit cards trying to pay the loan for his motorbike and the mtg and all our other joint debts. He said he pay the motorbike loan and he forcibly removed it from my home a
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