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  1. im numb, im have managed to get almost everything out and in storage, sounds silly but my poor cat wonders whats going on. thanks for your kind words everyone.
  2. he went in for the kill, yes we hav only been to court once before, he said the arrears was too great and basically even tho i had spent time out of work due to loosing my dad i should have made more effort to give somthing. i just feel well and truley sick.
  3. bad news, the judge was not going to budge, i have to be out by 1pm tomorro, the storage men have just gone. im absolutly devestated, i have put what was left of my heart into the house after loosing my dad. i would like to thank you Ell for your help, it was greatly appreciated.
  4. thank you angmarie. im setting off now, i will give it my very best. update soon. si
  5. good morning Ell, i have everything ready and done everything you have so kindly explained, again thank you so much. I am so nervous, it feels like my whole future lies on this outcome. I will let you know as soon as i get back, i hope to god i have somthing possative. Si.
  6. oh i am speechless and so greatfull, that is superb, again i cant thank you enough. sleep well knoing that you have truley made someone feel so much lighter. let you know tomorrow how it went. night night. xx si
  7. i truley am so very greatfull ell-enn, thank you so much for your help, i feel more reassured. i,l will deffinatly letyou kno tomorrow the outcome. again many many thanks fo you time ad help. si
  8. ell that is so very kind of you i cant thank you enough. i dont hav any ink in my printer but if you email it i can forward to a friend who can print it off for me.?? the arrears before the charges are £11.908.11.....with the charges it is £14.330.10. i have spoke to my friend and she will print it for me if i forward the email. si
  9. hi, yesi have included the £200 in my income and expenditure, and yes the mortgage is in joint names and i also have my partners wages coming in aswell. we dont have any children, and yes we have an up to date statement from GE saying all the interest and charges that have been added on to the arrears. i didnt know about the cheltenham & gloucester case. si
  10. thank you so much for replying so quick ell-enn. yes i applied with an n244 form, i had a loan to pay the arrears off which has fell thru so i explained on it that i am taking steps to get a loan to repay GE money, only have an offer in principle which i understand isnt a guarentee i,l get it. i also explaind that i was in a much stronger financial position to meet the normal regular payments. i was thinking of putting it to the court that if i dont get the loan i can realisticaly afford £200 a month on top of the mortgage. i have done a income and expenditure to take with me tomorrow. i feel
  11. hi all. i have a repossetion order and have applied for a suspention which i have a hearing in court at 10am tomorrow (19th aug). i am totally beside myself and would be most greatfull if anyone could give me words of advice or tell me what to expect. i,l try to be brief and explain. we got into arrears after loosing my father, he went to italy to meet his fiance and the night after he got there fell i,, and was in a vegetative state, i was out of work as i had to keep flying to and from florence to him and trying to get him home. the mortgage havnt once helped us in any way and the past year
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