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  1. Thank you, for this. I am going to try on my own as it was me that got me into this mess. I will start with the budget sheet.
  2. :(I recieved a letter today from Hamilton McCarthy, to the current occupier of my address and legal assistance required. The letter was asking to locate me as a door stop collection agency or bailiff needs to make a visit... Not sure if this has been sent to all my neighbours! I rang the company asking what it is all about as they know I live here, I have a payment plan with Cash Genie set up. They said that I had broken my plan and now need a token payment of a pound, so I could go back on track. When I told him that I did not have it he said you can two pound by begging in the s
  3. Thanks for the advice, can you recommend any good banks. I am currently with Natwest. Need a bank that does not mind bad credit history! Thanks
  4. They refursed the charges and canceled the direct debits.
  5. Yes this is right, they refused my 25.00 offer and sent me a default notice this week. Then last night they took over 600.....making me overdrawn etc. I check my direct debits everyday, maybe I need to change bank accounts.
  6. Have taken money out via DD for over 600, going to see my bank this morning. I have been checking my bank account every day, hopefully I can get it reversed by the bank today.
  7. Please see below, I took your advice as per my previous post but they wont take a repayment plan only the whole amount. I am not getting anywhere with these people. Hi Sharon, Thank you for your email. An email was last sent to you on 3rd September. Due to the type of loan you have with Pounds Till Payday, we are not able to set an arrangement. A full payment must be made. Please call our offices prior to 8pm to discus the matter further. The number is 08445611715. Kind Regards Diana Castagnaro T
  8. Hi. They have asked me to provide screen shots of the standing order set up. Until they receive them they will keep processing through collections. Is this ok to do? Thanks
  9. Hi I dont seem to be getting anywhere with these guys, PTP have passed it on to Clarity but Clarity wont let me set up a repayment plan. Please see email below Any thoughts.....Thanks As previously advised, due to the Terms & Conditions of your agreement with Pounds Till Payday the full balance on your account is due immediately. To prevent possible further action please call our offices on 0844 561 1715 quoting your reference number above. Kind Regards Mary Bruce Collections Administrator Clarity Credit Management Solutions Limited Tel: 0844 561 1715 F
  10. Thanks for all your advice....Cash Genie have accepted my payment plan
  11. Thanks for info, should I send them a email saying they can not do this? Thanks
  12. Just received this email from them, after sending them the telephone harressment letter. What should I do? I’m sorry you feel this way, unfortunately you have left no choice now but to approach your employer and request a deduction of your wage, i will be sending a letter to the hr manager of your school at 17.00 on Tuesday unless you contact me to arrange repayment, it’s seems to me that you have no intention to repay the monies owed. Many thanks Kindest Regards Barry Sillence Accounts Manager Cash Genie (Part of In Time Finance Ltd) Debtline: 0800 046 8121 T
  13. Hi, all my correspondance has been by email. Sorry I am confused what do you mean by CCA? Thanks
  14. Thanks to all the advise on here, I am tackling these companies my updates are follows: PTP have passed Clarity, I have emailed but keep receving the same email from them saying I am ignoring them! Uncle Buck - I offered them £25.00 per month but the refused that and now tell me they are taking me to court and they will contact my employer! Wonga - Just ingnoring my email regarding payment plan and said I can only pay back the full amount or they take me to court! QuickQuid - Ignoring my emails again and keeping sending me emails saying I have defulted! ONe Month Loan
  15. Its started.....I have informed by payday companies and I am corresponding via email but Poundstillpayday say they only communicate by phone....has anyone got any ideas on this one. Thanks.
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