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  1. Thanks, someone is now monitoring the usage. However, my real question is not "are they billing us for the right amount of electricity used?" or even "is the meter working properly?", it is "can they make us pay the 'revised' bill, given that the errors are all on their part, and we have been diligently paying the original bills for 7 years in good faith that they were right?":confused:.
  2. Thanks mattlamb for the speedy response. I haven't looked at the meter myself but I will as soon as I can. There are 23 flats, lighting, electric gates (pedestrian & underground car park) & 2 lifts.
  3. At our block of flats we recently got an 'amended' electricity bill in respect of electricity supplied to "the common parts" (to which all the leaseholders have to contribute) for the period June 2002 to May 2009. The supplier said that throughout that period they (or their 'out-sourced' meter readers) had been reading the meter incorrectly, and there is now a shortfall of some £27,000:eek: Are we legally obliged to pay, even though its their (admitted) mistake? They have been sending bills over the years, some estimated, some actual, all have been paid in good time from the common funds
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