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  1. Who did you write to? I'm thinking of sending an email to the CEO and see if i get anywhere with that!!
  2. Its not resolved yet. I sent a letter to the complaints dept and got a phone call about 4 weeks after them receiving the letter to tell me that they will half the amount owed as a gesture of good will. I said i would pay the whole lot if he could tell me where it says in their t & c's that when requesting a pac code you are giving 30 days notice even though i had already giving 30 days notice in the correct manner......no answer. I have now asked that they send me a letter informing of their position so i can then take it to CISAS.
  3. Cheers locutus, i've had a look and looks like my next move is a letter so i will get on it tonight....cheers for the info.
  4. Hi all, I have just finished a two year contract with t Mobile and having a problem with an extra bill they are trying to take from me. Story goes my contract was due to finish on the 6th October so i phone on the 6th September to give 30 days notice as t & c's say. I was going to another network as they could not match a deal i had seen. I was intending to take my number with me but didn't ask for a pac code at the time of giving notice as i thought pac codes only lasted 14 days and i wasn't going to swap networks untill the 30 days notice period was finished. On the 26th of September i phoned to get the pac code and was told it was going to cost me £14 pounds so i said no chance and asked when will the pac code be free. I was told on the 6th October the pac code would be free. I phoned on the 6th of october and got the pac code and that was all fine. I phone my new network provider and give them the pac code and the swap was done within 24 hours. I have now had another months bill from t mobile and after discussions with their customer service they are saying that when you ask for a pac code you are giving 30 days notice again which is why i have another months bill!!! is this right? I dont see how they can do this as i have already given the 30 days notice required and there is no mention of the pac code in the t & c's. Also most people once getting their pac code will do the swap within a couple of days as i have and so i have no way of using the services i am being chaged for as the the number now belongs to a different network provider. Any thoughts?? I keep getting promised a manager will call me back but this does not happen. Does anyone know the CEO of t mobile email address Thanks
  5. mattyprice4004. They have only taken the time to ring me in the hope that i will part with £27.00 to rejoin the policy, as i refused to do that they were no help what so ever!! and if you had read my initial post correctly you would have read that i offered to pay the £10.00 myself to the finder of the keys if they give me their contact details or even pass my contact details on so it would have cost them a few pence for a telephone call!!
  6. It has only got 3 keys on the key ring which will cost me no more than £10.00 to get re-cut so the only place i'll be jumping to is the key cutters.
  7. Thanks Laughinggirl, yeah i did think that was the case and i agree.... very cheeky!
  8. Hi all, not at all sure about this one. My wife lost her keys about a week ago and on the key was a fob that would advise the finder of the keys to ring a number and they would receive £10. This was part of some house insurance that we had some years ago and is now out of date (yes should have taken the fob off!). Anyway we had a call from the insurance provider to tell us that our keys had been found but we had to rejoin the policy at a cost of £27 to get our keys back. I asked if they would give me the telephone number of the person who had the keys so i could contact them and give them the tenner my self but they refused as it is not their policy to do that....so my question is are they allowed to withhold this information just because we don't have a policy or would it be a data protection issue? Thanks
  9. Hi 42man, thanks for the reply, i did have a look round the site and i found another IND thread that was pretty much at the same stage as mine and PT2537 had posted a link to some directions for filling out AQ'S so all is sorted now, thanks for your help. Jamie
  10. Hi all, hope someone can help, i do have another thread with the full story but have posted a couple of times recently and have not had any responces so have started this thread to try and get some help....in brief my sister in law was contacted by IND for a dept, CCA was sent off and in responce IND said the dept was for a overdraft and so CCA doesn't cover that type of account, then a few days later she received a Court Claim for the same dept put on the POC'S it says it was for a loan so it would seem IND are trying to confuse the issue. We then sent an information request and received nothing, We then sent in our defence which was a holding defence as we had no paperwork to build a defence on which included the fact that IND had failed to send us any paperwork. The court wrote back to us and said they were giving IND 28 days to produce some documentation. The 28 days have now passed and in that time the case was transfered to our local court and we have received a Allocation Quetionaire, my question is (got there in the end!) is one of the questions on the questionaire allows us to set out any information that will help the judge manage or clarify the claim and if there is any other information that the other part shoul supply. Should i outline what has happened so far in the hope that the judge will see that IND have not gone about the claim in the correct manner and hopefully throw out the claim. Any opinion would be appreciated Jamie
  11. Hi all, I am just filling out allocation questionaire and was wondering for the part of the questionaire where it says give information that may help the judge to clarify the claim, including information that should be supplied by the other party, is it worth outlining what has happened so far.....IND saying that it was a overdraft and so a CCA request doesn't cover it, then making a court claim and claiming it was for a personnel loan and not responding to an information request. Does anyone think this might influence the judge in throwing out the case. Hope someone has a view on this as i have got to send it off tomorrow. Thanks Jamie
  12. Have received a Allocation Questionaire today but no other documentation to prove the dept. If ind have sent something in doesn't the court have to pass it onto the defendant. Am quite confused as to whether this will go to court. My sister in law is going to phone the court today to see if there is any paperwork that is due to be sent to her. If a questionaire has been sent out does anybody know whether that would mean ind have provided proof of the dept. Thanks
  13. Anybody have any ideas on the above post? Thanks
  14. Quick update and question. Sent off Defence and had a response from the court saying that they are giving ind 28 days to produce some paperwork even though they are the one's who instigated the court claim! Have not recieved anything yet but have checked the status of the claim online and it has been moved to our local court, would this mean that the court have received something from ind and it has now been allocated a court for a hearing or is it just part of the process that takes place whether they have received paperwork or not. Thanks
  15. Thanks for having a look and thanks for the encouragent. I 'm hoping it won't get to court as its my sister in law's case and she isn't looking forward to the prospect of going to court and i can imagine that if a court date was issued she will make a offer to IND instead of trying to fight it, we will just have to wait and see. Anyway have posted the defence today (recorded) and will sit back and see what accurs. I will let you know if i hear anything. Thanks again, and have a good weekend Jamie.
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