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  1. NSE; Information and confidentiality "Enforcement agents will on each and every occasion when a visit is made to a debtor's property which incurs a fee for the debtor, leave a notice detailing the fees charged to date, including the one for that visit, and the fees which will be incurred if further action becomes necessary. If a written request is made an itemised account of fees will be provided.", and this sort of thing, it's saying something then it's not!
  2. Statutory or Financial Requirements for Enforcement Agencies; "Enforcement agencies must keep a complete record of all financial transactions in whatever capacity undertaken." i dont know if it's because im a bit novicey, but what if they dont? it just seems like the deck is stacked The Council Tax (Administration and Enforcement) Regulations 1992, PARTVI 45[5] debated earlier in the thread, and then they throw in 45[7]!!, what's that all about! it's confusing. thanks again hallowitch, that was a really useful document.
  3. thanks for all that ukaviator, everyone’s been so helpful. looking at form n245 now. been trying to make sense of the tribunals, courts and enforcement act 2007. i was thinking of trying this before you replied Joint Committee On Human Rights - Fifth Report maybe ‘exempt goods; 2.23 thru 2.25'. is it an option if form n245 doesn't work out for me?
  4. HI conniff, I have a question if you can help? do you know which regulation/legislation this is taken from? it may help me tomorrow. thanks!
  5. Okay so at the moment, the strongest way of trying to invalidate the WP is to highlight the fact that the paperwork was not filled correctly? In terms of not having the full breakdown for the fees? Is there a way I can get this in writng to stop them to stop coming to take my things? Also, what about the upper and lower casing of my name? the WP clearly states that it should be filled in BLOCK CAPITALS. It is my understanding that when written capitals..they are dealing with a different persons..does this make the contract void? As it would be when you
  6. i dont mean to be rude to anyone, but i just want to do the right thing, i dont want to make it easy for the bailiff, thats the reason why im seeking clarity. the quote above is the only thing i can think of if i cant get clarity. do you think its something i should consider? or should i still not panic?! ( now..im panicky!!)
  7. CONNIFF and UK27. i dont want you to fall out over this, i'm just trying to seek clarity on this matter as i dont think i have much time and im really worried, not been through this before. i just want to be confident in what i tell the bailiff first thing tomorrow.
  8. UK27- i've read through Regulation 45 but i cant see the part where it says the bailiff must detail or break down their charges in writing. could you point it out or post it for me please?
  9. ive begged my mother to help me out, and she's had to BORROW £250 for me to use. i really cannot pay any more than that, i dont have anywhere else to turn. are they obliged to take that money and make arrangements at a later date? or can they refuse it a demand full payment? me being new to all of this i STUPIDLY gave him my phone number! they've been ringin me all night! do i answer??
  10. i was looking through the papers again and found SCHEDULE 5 on the back of the walking possession here it is. http://i1021.photobucket.com/albums/af335/bawler87/21W-PSCHEDULE5.jpg
  11. i dont really know what i can/ can't do, is there any statute information or actual pieces of paperwork i can put before them to back up these claims? some of it sounds quite promising but not 100% sure! i just need some clarity on the issue! i dont want to look silly or get myslef arrested 2mo morning!
  12. i also wanted to ask, are there any templates i can use to write to tehm or the council? stopping from taking things that dont belong to me or that they shouldnt be taking because they should only be coming on 1 liability order, not 3!! and i havent been given a time and date IN WRITING to say when a removal van or removal will proceed if money is not paid. this is all very new to me, definately an expierence i'll look to avoid in the future! where do i go from here?
  13. ive been reading around a little bit, trying to find a way to get out of this walking possession! i have a question and im just praying that somebody can give me an answer?! why is it that the form specificlly asks the papers to be filled out in BLOCK CAPITALS? it has all been filled in lower case, now does this make the contract void? if you put this in front of a judge, is it accepted? my understanding is that when they write in upper case, they are are dealing with JURISTIC PERSONS? (artificial person) AN ENTITY,SUCH AS A CORPORATION, THAT IS RECGONZED AS HAVING LEGAL PERSONALITY. IT IS CON
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