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  1. dont moan if they ask you to leave then if you think it funny that the majority pay and people go on and on and try to create an atmosphere.
  2. why are people with no interest in golden sands on this forum? read all previous posts and i have already answered that one, but just fr you i will tell you again. at last weeks owners breakfast somebody told me i should go on the website for the action group and when i got home and searched this was all i found. I will not keep trying to justify who i am and that i am an owner of a caravan on golden sands
  3. i have nothing to lose and if you want to send a private message to me with your number i will give you a ring and meet at golden sands, then only you and i will know about it.
  4. as i said it is in the code of practice that if no less than 51% write to the owners in complaint then the matter will be automatically passed to arbitration, i have just read it after you asked me if i had it.
  5. i wouldnt say they are a disgrace. not brilliant but not a disgrace. the entertainment is also set for holidaymakers and yes probably a bit repetitive, but my grandkids love it. the point of teenagers was raised last week at the breakfast and micheal clark asked a couple to get their teenagers to write down their points and what they would like. (before you say it i was stood next to them when it was said and there was only micheal clark and owners there. the bins are surely emptied by the council arent they. the pool is superb and the staff are excellent. did you really just use a
  6. that is your opinion, but when i say no caravan owner in his right mind that dislikes the site so much, would not stay on the site, you do not answer that point, you just say i am part of the management. i keep saying that if the majority did not like the change then why when you had the opportunity did you not get the majority to write in and then take the matter to arbitration? could somebody answer that point please as you all say the MAJORITY?
  7. surfer 01, how little you obviously know, i am without doubt a legitimate caravan owner that has an opinion on he site that does not match others on this forum, if you look back then there are only really red rebel and just ice that have the huge problem with the owners. if you have no interest in golden sands then why comment
  8. yes but i am content anyway, as i said i had a grievance but it was sorted by the site. does the NO mean it isnt going to arbitration.
  9. post no 177 i have read the code of practice and fully understand it, para 16 says that if 51% are unhappy it can be taken to arbitration, you said the majority were not happy, from that does this mean you are takig it to arbitration
  10. you wouldnt upset me at all, somebody stated that no other camp in the area had a 12 month licence, and when we bought earlier this year i didnt see any of them that were advertising 12 month seasons. do you know of any?
  11. the code of practice is dated 2008 protection from what? answer my questions if you wish from earlier posts?
  12. what information? and there is no need to get personal by stating what i post is rubbish?
  13. i got a load of paperwork yes i will check the package, when i find the file i will let you know, what do you mean self incrimination? found the code of practice
  14. i really think you are from a different site, do you really stay on golden sands in kinmel bay? you need to treat people in the right manner to get the responses you expect. i can honestly say that i have a great laugh with the staff in the office and the sales staff let on every single time i pass and always have the manners to say hello when they are busy, what did the management say when you complained about the gas fitters attitude. i have a feeling i know which caravan you have and know which bins you use, and they are hardly ever overflowing at all, you are now grasping at straws bec
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