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  1. Bugger, they turned up. There were 5 other people in and we all got the same result. They were all (including mine) stayed. B*****ks!!!
  2. Cheers will do my best to get through but busy again this morning. Have read through all advice and hedgeys reply above, think i'm prepared enough. Hearing at 2pm. Wish me luck!!!:o
  3. Could not get through to the courts on the phone but received a letter from them yesterday. 'The hearing of the defendant's application for the claim to be stayed will take place at...' (at what was supposed to be my full hearing) Does anyone know if this will mean i won't now get a full hearing and that it has now turned into a hearing about the stay?
  4. Finally got the letter from Cobbetts with their stay application. Will be ringing the courts later today to make sure we're still on for wednesday.
  5. tcook5 No it just means that it can't proceed any further with MCOL. Your case has to now be dealt with by post/phone etc...
  6. Thanks Pete. Well a week to go now until my court date and no settlement offer has been made by Natwest yet. I think they're probably presuming that the stay has been agreed. Got a letter from the courts that my letter to have their defence thrown out as they have not sent supporting documents will be considered by the DJ at the hearing. Starting to p#* myself now:???: Can anyone offer any advice for the hearing. I've never been to one before and don't know what to expect. Any advice on preparation before hand etc... would be helpful Ad
  7. My date at York County Court is coming up soon (19/09/2007) and i'm starting to get nervous. But thanks to everyone on this site for all the help and instructions I have been able to get this far. I think i'd have given up a long time a go without it so... THANKS:D ! So to let you know whats happened so far: I Got my court bundle together and handed in with plenty of time. Contacted the court and apparently Natwest applied for a Stay but it hasn't been allowed as they didn't send the payment, however, it will be included in the file for the judge. That being the case i'll be ta
  8. Oops should have said this is York County Court!!
  9. Natwest court date 19th September 2007. Natwest applied for a stay but did not send payment. Case carrying on as normal but stay request will be included in file for judge.
  10. Yes it would have been Judge Wildsmith if it had gone to court.
  11. Not sure who i've got. I've just moved house and haven't come across the box with the stuff in yet. Just had some excellent new though! EGG HAVE CAVED IN!!!!! Yes you are reading this correctly. Over the weekend I received a letter from them stating they are now willing to refund the full amount i'm claiming. They do not admit they agree with OFT. They have offered all the charges, interest and court costs! Yipee!!!!!!
  12. I had the same kind of thing. No defence was shown as filed so I filed a judgement by default. Next thing I knew it was shown as rejected and when I telephoned the courts they said it had been received a while ago but just not put on the system. Could the courts be getting a back hander from egg to help with their delaying tactics? lol. I do think that there's something wrong somewhere though. Surely if the defence is not shown as filed then you'd be well within your rights to file for judgement!
  13. Got my court date through. February 2007!!!
  14. My deadline has just expired for Natwest to refund my money from LBA so ready to send off moneyclaim. May have to wait a while before I can issue this due to lack of funds at the moment (£120 court fee on this bad boy!). Just had a letter from Natwest stating they are not prepared to refund the charges. Has anyone else reached this verdict at this stage in the game?
  15. Had the same offer you had of refunding £4 per charge. Sent my court allocation questionaire off this week. Just waiting to see what happens next. See my post 'Has anyone else had egg file a defence?'.
  16. Had letter from Egg. They now say they'll refund £4 of each £20 charge in line with the reduction of their charges to £16. No mention of my court fees, interest or anything else. Bugger it lets go to court then so this week sent my Allocation questionaire to York County Court. They quoted some case they won in court. However looking at this forum, I think they only won because the claimant could not attend the court date. Also sent Egg a letter saying that their offer was not good enough for me to withdraw my claim so basically see you in court!!
  17. Tobes - Do you know what they stated as their costs? BankFodder - Thanks for that. I've got until 22nd to return my allocation questionaire. Will probably get it done this week, was just waiting for advice before I sent it off. Thanks for your help. Fingers crossed!!!
  18. Egg filed a defense on the final day before judgement and I've been sent a copy plus an allocation questionaire to be returned by 22 October 2006. Eggs defence seems a standard one as it looks photocopied. It reads as follows: '1. The claimant applied for an Egg credit card agreement with the defendant in November 2003 (the "Agreement"). The account was terminated and the date of the last statement was 8 August 2005.' '2. It is admitted that charges wree added to the Claimant's Egg account during the course of the Agreement.' ...Basically clause 7.1 of their T & C £20 for ov
  19. Go for it! Egg have said they do not agree with the legislation and will not refund my charges. They have until next week before their 28 days is up after my money claim and as yet have still not filed a defense. I'll keep you posted but i've got my fingers crossed I can just file a judgement by default!!
  20. Cheers for that. Some very useful info. Will keep an eye on their outcome. Egg really sound like a bunch of twats!!!! Guess its wait and see what they say. Bet it'll be the same crap as everyone else has had tho!
  21. Ignore this thread
  22. Just heard back from Egg after sending my Moneyclaim. They have filed an acknowledgement and stated that the intend to defend the full amount (only £80!!!).:o Has anyone else had this and what happened?
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