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  1. nope, no car and I'm not living at that address anymore (I have notified the council of this). I am in the process of finishing a template letter (I found on here) to send to the council explaining the bailiffs have tried to charge me unreasonable fees and I am offering to pay the outstanding debt off over the next 3 months. Although, if they accept my offer (I will enclose the 1st payment) I will just pay the rest off online instantly.
  2. nothing has been levied. I have only had letters asking to call the bailiff in charge and to make the full payment. I want to make this payment, but dont wait to pay Equita a penny more than I am legally required to do so.
  3. Do you mean the amount? If so, then I was just trying to work things out based on the figures above. I am awaiting to see what they try and charge me tomorrow (if the Postman delivers it to the Bailiff) Nothing has been removed from the property and nobody has been home when the bailiff has called round. Are the amounts mentioned before (with the ammendment to the %'age you pointed out) correct? Thank You for your help.
  4. I have spoken with the council (as I have moved house) and my they have reduced the amount I owe to: £184.25 + £60 court fees = £244.25. This change was sorted by the council on the 23rd of September and once a week I have been contacting the bailiff to see if he has altered the amount owing and each week he "hasnt heard anything, but will contact the head office and get back to me". Finally (today) he said I would be better off contacting the Head Office. When I did they told me that there was a different Bailiff on my account and I had to contact him directly. He said he is still awai
  5. I have now vacated my property and the amount outstanding to council has dropped from £716 to £225. The Bailiff has denied any knowledge of this and says I still owe a new total of just over £900 in total. It is impossible to get a straight answer out of him and I am yet to receive any kind of acknowledgement from Equita after 2 letters, 2 emails and 2 online call back requests. The bailiff in adamant that their charges are legal. I do want to pay my original debt, but I refuse to pay the amount Equita want from me. I have offered to pay them £100 next week, but I have been told the minimum I
  6. I spoke to the Council earlier on today (on advice from the Bailiff) and they could "Return the debt" if the Bailiff thinks that my offer of repayment is not substantial enough. I assume that this would include the £98.50 of fee's accumulated by Equita? Also, this debt is my for my council tax right up until April 2010, so the payments that I was due to pay the council (Sep-Feb) have been added to the debt I owed.
  7. Thanks for the Advice Hallowitch. Just spoke to the Bailiff again. Debt - £716.00 Bailiff Letter - £42.50 Bailiff Collection - £56.00 TOTAL - £814.50 The Bailiff has advised that if I amunable to pay the total amount within 1 month then I should contact the council again and see if I can setuppayment with them.
  8. I have an outstanding Council Tax debt with Southampton CC. This went to court and yesterday I received a letter of intent from Equita Bailiffs, which I did not open until 8pm when I got home from work. So today I contacted Equita to make arrangements to pay the outstanding debt (£716) along with the Bailiff fee's (42.50) and the girl on the phone was nice and friendly, we arranged to take it via 3 amounts over the next 3 months. All Sorted. Apparently not! I was then called back 2 minutes later to say that my debt had been passed to an individual bailiff and I would need to contact him d
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