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  1. @dx100ukno one is disputing liability should a debt default. It does get murky until the divorce is applied for as one half could continue to accrue new debts at any point until a financial order is in place which a court *may* consider jointly. However, in a divorce, all assets and debts are considered joint regardless of who's name is on any paperwork. Even assets before the marriage, sale of property to fund married property), pensions accrued before marraiage are consider joint once married until the order is granted. If you've bought anything new, gained money from inheritan
  2. You won't need a solicitorfor the divorce, but will need to prove financials sorted to get the absolute. Debts accrued during the marriage are joint liability. I would suggest a solicitor, but less expensive if you can reach agreement
  3. Contact your bank. A good reason for keeping financial stuff, and anything important for atleast 5years. It's how I won a case against a landlord. Without the stuff I kept, case would have been thrown out.
  4. When I say negative equity, I refer to the settlement figure for the finance co and what the car is actually worth according to the likes of Parkers etc.
  5. £2-700 difference according to 3 dealers I've contacted if I sell now! Lower if trade in, higher if private - which I WAS considering doing to close the neg equity gap of £1,000. This isnt a pre-reg. I bought NEW. Therefore, unless specifically stated, should I not enjoy being the first registered owner?
  6. Exactly. They could have registered with the dvla as c/o. All they have done is add 1 keeper needlessly on the paperwork, and devalued the vehicle slightly. Any HP agreement stipulates you dont have ownership until you've paid up. Hence you cant sell something on which finance is still secured without paying the finance co (and thus holding full title). Correct?
  7. But cant they register the vehicle as 100% theirs whilst selling me a car as new and not clearly stating that fact?
  8. In addition: The only reason I can see for the to do it is to add value to the company as each vehicle would be an asset of the company. But then surely this is a minefield by them selling it under finance to me?
  9. Thanks Buzby. It is refered to by them as a PCP deal. They hold the V5C so they can tax it. Contract says "conditional sale agreement" order form says "Personal Contract Purchase - with additional maintenance services". Quote says " Personal Lease". Line one of the contract blurb (section 2.1 - above was from 2.2) says "We agree to sell, and you agree to buy..." So surely if they sold something to me, then it should be clearly stated how the vehicle would be registered? As you say ownership and the Keeper are completely seperate, and the lease co can still own something
  10. Buying my car from the lease co (my 2nd with them) under my rights in the contract. Car was a factory order for my specs, and I have the order form and contract etc. Collected car personally from the supplying dealership. However kept getting conflicting details as to how this was registered from the start. I was told it was the same as my old car which was NAME C/O LEASE CO then address (somehow I got a photocopy in the docs with the 1st car). I'm also confused as to how this should be anyway. Basically it's a personal lease, yet the finances as as if a PCP HP with balloon paymen
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