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  1. Hi guys i was wondering if anyone could give me any guidance into getting my managed loan written off ????

    in 2004 i was a student and had a HSBC student account and had a small loan and student over draft and credit card i was anxious about having the student debt and went into a branch 4 advice as i was struggling some of the payments back!

    However after seeking advice in store from one of the personal account managers she placed me on a managed loan with protection conslidating all my current debt with hsbc and paying one amount back that was affordable. However i feel i have personally be subjected to being mis sold a product and have been done over by HSBC i now 5 yrs on am still paying the managed loan ad never in 5yrs have they rang or written to me to offer me any alternative in services etc i really want to seek advice ihave emailed HSBCs customer complaints but to no reply any advice please i just want to get the loan sorted and payed off!!!!!

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