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  1. just to let you know my wife won her appeal and has been given a formal apology,plus an apology from the security guard infront of her colleges. i suppose it was the most we could expect.at least this incident will be logged for future reference, as this wasnt the first time and i dont think it will be the last. i just want to thank everyone again for your advice.
  2. i get it. i will revise the letter and omit the anger. this will be the third time lol,but i'll get there. thx
  3. here's the letter i drafted to tesco. Address... Personal information removed Re:/complaint 28/08/09 Mr ??? I’m writing to you with a compliant about how my wife ******** was treated after being accused of theft from your store on the 22/08/09 My wife was confronted and accused three times of reducing roast chickens by Mr. ******** at her post and then marched her out of the store in front of her customers, friends and colleagues. **** came home in tears and stayed that way for days not eating she had panic attacks so bad I had to take her to see her G P. *** then
  4. yes but he was about 19 and new nothing of what was going on
  5. i will ask my wife if they were numbered,but at least two pages are missing i.e. when she produced evidence, all that part is missing, they left in things like my wife was arguementative instead of words like she denied the allegation.
  6. thank you, my wife got the minutes of the hearlng,but two pages were missing so she has been writing down as much as she can remember.i will tell her not to sign anything, i just hope she hasnt already. thank you again.
  7. thank you again for you help, i will contact her union rep today and draft a letter to both the store and head office, this has all been very strange, if they had just took her to one side and asked her to explain it would have been over in two seconds. thank you again.
  8. my wife went back to work today and was told she wouldnt be paid for the two days she was on suspension also they wouldnt give her manager a grievance form as they there is nothing to complian about, is it me or have i just entered the twilight zone. i have never heard anything like this from an employer in my life.i have to go pick her up in tears.
  9. thank you for your replies. seems there's not a lot we can do except wait and see how the compliant goes. i spoke to a lawyer and they said there is a case, but it would cost. thank you again,i will let you know the outcome if there is one.
  10. also i couldnt believe they would sack her without evidence,if my wife hadnt kept hold of the reciept and found the packet she would be out of a job. it looks like they got it wrong,but they should have waited till they found out the truth before degrading someone.
  11. on the reciept it said roast chichen 66p (sliced chicken in a vacium pack) tesco thought it was for a whole roast chicken from the deli counter, my wifes manager wanted to know how they found out about it in the first place as they must have been watching her, also she didnt actually buy it i did will i was waiting for her to finish work.she was told she would recieve written notice and it had to be hand delivered so we had to be home,but they just pushed it through the letter box.it didnt say what the hearing was about.at the hearing they produced a price tag for roast chicken at 66p,but whe
  12. my wife has worked for tesco for a few years now,but last week she was suspended and marched out of the store infront of her friends and colleges. they claimed she had reduced the price of food for her own purchase. she could'nt understand this and checked all are recent reciepts and found the mistake,plus we found the packaging as it was still in the bin. she then went today to the hearing only to be dismissed without evidence so she produced the evidence and they then retreated and gave her job back, no apology nothing. my wife has been crying and so upset she has'nt eaten for days. the pers
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