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  1. I have read about the test case, the question I have is based around the technicalities of them defaulting on my request for a signed agreement. If they fail to comply with my request can they issue a default notice. Clearly these 2 companies will claim they've complied by sending term etc, but if they have not complied, can a DN be issued?
  2. Can they issue a default notice whilst the account is in dispute?
  3. Help 18 months ago i went down the road of CCA requests for 2 credit card accounts, both companies ignored me or sent current terms rather than original signed agreements. went to the FOS who found that I still owed the money inspite of there being no agreement, but they did at least get the companies to admit they held no actual signed agreements. I also SAR'd them both. The probnlem is, they have issued default notices last year, neither of which I knew about until the SAR. The question I have is can they issue a default notice when they have failed to produce the signed agreement? Su
  4. exactly the same position as pushonup, the only difference is that cabot are not charging 12% interest. Am I best to just ignor them or write back explaining that Citi do not have a signed agreement etc etc?
  5. can anyone help me in disputing the extortionate levels of interest being charged by Egg? I have an electronic agreement (x in box) dated Nov 2005, they are charging way over the amount stated in the original agreement and more than is quoted on tehir site as standard terms currently in place.
  6. should I give them another chance to settle?
  7. They seem to be hinting that they can take this to court with confidence, have there been any cases where a credit agreement has been enforced without the actual signed agreement?
  8. I wrote making them an offer of full and final payment in return for all data being wiped from reference agencies as suggested. They have written back with the following letter (copied word for word as no scanner at present) Thank you for your recent letter. Our letter dated 19th Aug 2009 advised you of our clients view on this matter and they have advised us to continue action for recovery of this debt. In view of this, we are not willing to enter into any further protracted correspondence from you regarding the balance. You now have 72 hours from the date of this letter to pa
  9. OK, here are the 3 key docs. No shows the original 3 year agreement, no 2 is the quote that was not taken up, no3 is the one we agreed and put in place extending the lease to 5 years. You'll notice the interest has been hiked without me being made aware of it.
  10. Help needed with a vehicle leasing agreement. I leased a car on a 3 year term in 2004, got a quote in 2007 for a 2 year extension but didn't actually take it up until 9 months later. by this time a new quote was done and agreement put in place. I was sure I had 3 months at the end without payment so cancelled the dd. They chased me for late payment, so when looking through paperwork, realised they had hiked the interest rate without telling me (remember the agreement was sold as one that could be extended, not interest rate increased). I then looked at the original extension quote and cal
  11. how do i start a new thread, cannot find the tab anywhere?
  12. just a quick question re you suggested letter, the bit at the begining I have received the documents you sent and in the accompanying letter you have confirmed this to be a true copy of the credit agreement that exists in relation to this account. Which docs are you refering to or are you making the point that there is a lack of them?
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