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  1. It appears to cover all the details that I put in my defence, how can I prove the legitimacy of a letter they claim was sent to me by original creditor. By your post it would appear that I won't win, which would mean can I now stop a co
  2. Ok having trouble converting the amount of info sent to PDFs and since they have sent further info. They have informed the court that they will not be present at the hearing and hope that their witness statement with exhibits will be sufficient. They provide: Signed copy of original agreement with vanquis A copy of full t&c Full statement of monies owed to vanquis letter of default from vanquis Letter of assignment which claims account was sold to lowell Have they got me now or will the court be unhappy that they are not attending
  3. Ok, lowell's solicitor sent a copy of a signed pre selection application with part of an agreement on it. The signature us in an official box, however the signature of the vanquis official is super imposed over where their signature should be. Also they have sent a longer version of the agreement but there is no signature on this document. I did send a cca (27/11/2014) to Lowell but to date they have not replied
  4. DEFENCE I contend that the particulars of claim as they are vague and generic in nature. I accordingly set out my case below and rely on CPR r 16.5 (3) in relation to any particular allegation to which a specific response has not been made. 1. I have held an ACCOUNT with Vanquis for CREDIT CARD SERVICES however I do not recall the particular account number referred to and have requested a copy of the alleged agreement pertaining to this claim. As of this date the claimant has failed to comply with my section 78 request and therefore remains in default of s78. 2. I deny having
  5. In order for us to help you we require the following information:- Name of the Claimant ? LOWELL PORTFOLIO LTD Date of issue – 25/11/2014 DEFENCE ALREADY ISSUED SMALL CLAIMS COURT DATE SET FOR MAY 2015 What is the claim for – monies due from the defendant to the claimant under an agreement regulated by the consumer credit act 1974 between the defendant and (credit card) and assigned to the claimant on 09/04/2014 notice of which has been given to the defendant. the defendant failed to maintain contractual repayment under the terms of the agreem
  6. Some advice please, Lowell have issued court proceeding against me for a credit card debt, I have followed the advice that I have read on this great site as follows: Lowell issue proceedings, I acknowledge and submit defence, Court issue court date, Lowell submit copy of application form which does have my signature and also default letter as requested in my defence. Does that mean that I ave no defence and should pay up to avoid CCJ or is there still something I am not seeing that can stop them. Please help, I have until May before the court date
  7. Update: As the claimant is unable to produce documentation to back up their claim the claim is on hold and I believe will remain on hold indefinately Game over
  8. Ackowledgement received from court of my defence, now waiting 28 days for Cabot to do nothing but probably pass my debt on.
  9. Defence sent by email as court does not accept its own generated password for my case. Thanks for all advice, will let you know what happens. By the way how will I know if Cabot put a stop to this case or is it a case that if I dont hear from the court then nothing has happened and there will be no CCJ against me?
  10. Thanks Andy, here is the details. I have scoured the site for close particulars to my case and borrowed parts to fit mine, hope that is ok. CLAIM: 1.By an agreement between Bank of Scotland (Aqua Card)("BOS") & the Defendant on or around 20/11/2008 ("the Agreement") BOS agreed to issue the Defendant with a credit card upon the terms & conditions set out therein. 2. In breach of the Agreement the Defendant failed to make the minimum payments due & the Agreement was terminated. 3. The Agreement was assigned to the Claiment on 18/03/2011. THE CLAIMENT THEREF
  11. I have tried all ways, All capitals, all lower case, some and some. Nothing works.
  12. HELP!!!! I have just tried to submit my defence on mcol but it keeps informing me that the claim number or password are incorrect, but they are the claim number and password they provided on the claim sheet. what is going on and how do I proceed with my defence which is due 18/10/14
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