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  1. Hello all, A long overdue update on this one: Thank you all to those who believed me, and for those who didn't, I can see why you might have been sceptical but I was telling the truth! It turns out the council did it. One arm of the council moved my car down the road to a "1 hour no return" bay, but didn't think to tell anyone, and then the parking enforcement lot towed it a few days later. Interestingly, the police were only informed about the initial moving of the car about a week after the second towing, and only once I'd started making enquiries at the council. So, I
  2. If you defend that claim an lose and lose at court, judgment will be entered for the claimant. If you pay within 28 days, the judgment will me 'cancelled' and will be as if it never happened. You can apply for a 'certificate of cancellation' which costs £15 and shows that the judgment has been cancelled. If you pay after 28 days the judgment will be marked as 'satisfied'. This means it will show on the register of judgments, fines and orders that you have paid the judgment, but it will stay on the register.
  3. Thanks for your comments. I freely admit it sounds spurious to say the least, but it is honestly what's happened. I do of course realise a court would find against me on the balance of probabilities. For the record, I got the crime reference number from the police after I'd got the car back from the council but when I found out it had moved / been moved by persons or forces unknown. I'm trying to get any CCTV footage of the road as I'd dearly love to know how it came to be 400m away from where I left it (and facing the other way!).
  4. Sorry for not posting on this sooner. It appears some rather strange things have happened. I parked my car in Place A. I don't use it often so didn't go back to it for a few weeks. When I did go back there it was gone. After ringing round etc. I found the council had got it, and so I paid to get it back. The PNC with it said it was parked in Place B. Aha, I thought, got them. So I appealed saying it was in Place A, 400m from Place B. When talking to the council, they told me I can see the pictures of the ticket on the car etc. online, which I did. To my suprise, it was in Place B
  5. Afternoon all, Right, today's problem: My car has been towed from on street parking which I thought was unlimited, but turns out it was '1 hour, no return within 1 hour'. I've been back to have a look and there are two signs, both close to eachother, at one end of a 200+ yard long roadside parking bay. I came from the other direction so never saw the signs and was parked about 20m from them. When I left the car I walked off down a side road and so never passed the two signs. There are no other signs. I have taken photographs but may go back to get some more. So, chums, where do we go from
  6. And the answer... ... nothing said about the delay in replying, offered the choice of 3 points and £60 fine or the speed awareness course.
  7. Make sure you put your own flyers on cars directing them to this website and telling them not to pay...!
  8. Even if by doing so I wouldn't take my statutory minimum holiday allowance? I was under the impression employers couldn't pay you instead of this (unless you agreed) as it is a health and safety type thing? Just interested from an academic point of view.
  9. Granted they can refuse to allow specific days, but can they refuse me taking my full entitlement before I leave the company?
  10. Evening all... My question is can I be forced to take payment in lieu of holiday? I am currently working my notice period and I have 3 days holiday owed to me. My yearly holiday entitlement is that staturtory minimum of 20 days. I've asked to take 2 of these days as holiday during my notice period, but I'm being told that I can't due to the 'requirements of the business'. My argument is, as I have an entitlement to the statutory miminum holiday (worked out pro rata) I should be allowed to take all 3 days off before I leave should I wish to, and can only be paid in lieu if I co
  11. The title says it all really. I've been away for a while, and on my return somehow some post got buried under a pile of other stuff, and I've only just come across it again. One envelope happened to contain a dreaded NIP. 59 in a 50 zone, completely my fault, and I've filled it in with my details. However, by the time I'd found and opened the letter I was a few days over the 28 days. Now I've sent the details do you think that will suffice, or is more trouble in store for not replying within the time limit?
  12. You need to find out who owns the land. Either find out from the management co., or you can look on the Land Registry website (small fee). You may find it is the management company themselves. Then send a Letter Before Action to them, giving them 21 days to refund the money or you will issue a County Court claim. The landowner is jointly liable for the actions of the clampers. You may find, like in my situation, the landowners light a rocket under the management co., and get them to pay up!
  13. The PO Box address isn't 'protected' as such, it's just an address on a street that doesn't seem to exist. It's registered to 20 Llanover St, which only has 15 properties on it. Does anyone know what section of the PSI Act makes clamping without the landowner's consent a criminal activity?
  14. Agreed - you MUST include the landowner as well, as the clampers will probably just ignore everything.
  15. This might have been posted before, if so I apologise. Cheshire Clamper Found Guilty of Working Without SIA Licence - Security Industry Authority Heartening, but not enough. These people really need to be stopped for good.
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