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  1. Me again, ok update...there is none, except the phone calls have started again, still no CCA, they defaulted on the CCA request on the 7th of this month wot do i do now?? PLEASEEE HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP
  2. Hi everyone, just thought I would give you all an update and ask for further guidance. The deadline for the CCA was on the 7th September, they only responded to say that Natwest have been contacted and asked to send the 'true copies' statements of account etc... I have recieved nothingm not a thing! they did not say account was on hold in their letter. And funnily enough the phone calls have started again! What should I do now? Should I write to the court with the 'lack' of their evidence and my case and request both the charging order and CCJ set aside under these grounds? Any h
  3. I thought so, thanks hunni! The letter says exactly the following: Power of Attorney : National Westminster Bank We acknowledge your reciept of your letter dated the 25th August 2009 enclosing £1.00 fee and can confirm we have ordered copies of the original agreement, statements and default notice from National Westminster Bank Plc. These will be forwarded to you upon reciept. then makes mention of subject access request etc ...Please also supply proof of your identity, such as a driver's licence, and a document that links you to your current address. Yours sincerely
  4. :-xRight I had a letter today from capquest, saying they have asked Natwest to send the relevant paperwork etc... They also said my other request was a SAR, however they have asked me to send a copy of my drivers licence and proof of address. Not happy to do this, ideas??? They have not send my account ison hold, but I am assuming they still have to comply with my requesty by the 7th September???
  5. And I'm concerned how cr@pquest managed to get a CCJ for a SB debt! It's late and my head is beginning to hurt, so I'm off to bed, will come back tomorrow to see if I can help out at all..laters........... in response: the statute bar comes into effect on the 4th October this year, no its on this house. I did get a land registry thingy, confirming I owned the house and the mortgage comapny and council had an interest. but did not get anything from land registry, well not yet anyway
  6. yes, I made no payments at all to natwest. Capquest 'bought' the debt last year
  7. this was last year, but they say no payments recieved, don't think I sent any, due to not sure who they were
  8. I did not acknowlege debt, but due to duress I said I would make a gesture (non-predjudiced) of £15 due to threat oif taking house!"!
  9. yup, it was a student account initially. But natwest no longer 'own' the debt, capquest obviously bought it last year. The default on my credit file is for the Natwest side, which comes off 04/10/09. Their is no default for capquest. No SD's no letters, and thanks to your forum, I do not speak to them, the questioning my kids came about when I refused to speak to them, told them to put all future correspondance in writing. The CCJ and charging order is for the debt, but not via natwest, via capquest! surely I can defend/strike off etc... due to no default/entry to CF/ no SD etc etc??
  10. The original debt was from a student overdraft, n then charges!
  11. Firstly I would like to say thank you to all the peeps who have given various advice on here, its been great to finally find some help for a very irritating problem! Right here goes: I had an account methinks in 2002 with Natwest, due to disability, illness, disability of child etc... I could no longer work and had a bit of a breakdown. Anyway years went by, heard nothing, then last year Capquest started ringing 4/5/6 times daily. (must point out, I only discovered who the debt was for 7 weeks ago!!) They demanded payment (nearly £9000) on a debt that I think was £3000 when defa
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