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  1. Its good his mobile number is on there, means he cant esxcape angry people !!!
  2. Also Instead of them asking to phone them it should be instigated in writing as is always advised on here.
  3. And should lowells lowlife send a message on here asking you to phone them *do not*. Keep it all in writing only.
  4. I think Martin you need to think again. Pinky has made the points that a lot of us are thinking
  5. moorcroft letters generally go in the bin Esp if from the pre-school division
  6. I agree with this 100% and this should be the way to go. Lowells however dont want to get in to this debate...
  7. Sorry but i think you wrong to allow such an awful company to tout for business on here. Leopards do not change their spots. If they were so interested in helping people they would not carry on with their dubious practices. This is not going to change by one person representing a company. James himself has stated he will not get in to discussion as to why they chase statute barred debt etc knowing full well its stat barred. So to ask people to contact them without owning up to thier dodgy and underhand tactics will continue to get short shrift on here.
  8. Lowells should go back from where they came from and should not be tolerated on here. They have nothing of value to add.
  9. Tell her to take it easy , nothing to worry about. Have a look at this thread. It shows the way graham white and others work. You will see its all worked of a script based syste, Auto generated letters etc http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/parking-traffic-offences/267157-how-roxburghe-graham-white.html
  10. Well they struggle to read letters that are sent to them so they can proberly just manage the pictures:)
  11. Indeed. If it was a more reputeable company such as vodaphone , (where lee_vodaphone posts on MSE) then it wouldnt be a problem or dispised. However this company is not to be trusted.
  12. What an absolute joke! Lowells do not offer genuine help. You bully provide, you lie on the phone and generally use underhand tactics. You are not wanted here. If you had the guts you would explain on here why you act in such awful ways to people, or as i suspect you are to scared to do so? I suggest you do not bother to return until you can answer the quesions
  13. Thanks . i did indeed, interesting reading. Thier offices are next to a cemetary. Quite fitting i think:D
  14. What a joke, instead of making statements above which are highly dubious why dont you answer some of the questions on here such as: Chasing statue barred letters Frivilous stat demands Lieing phone monkeys So please dont send the above statement again. Answer our questions
  15. thats what i thought but wasnt 100% sure Will be transfered to your local county court
  16. AL27 will be able to help you. I am sure you havent made a major blunder at this stage
  17. the right people will be along to give you the right advice and how to put forward the defence at the court case Dont worry though, they have lost all thier cases:).
  18. Thats ok. He was just so serious about it!!!, when i told him i had recorded the call he got really narked and ranted on about terminating the call then ran away (like a scalded cat) hanging up on me. They dont like being recorded do they lol He also stated that these forums were wrong and that they were just peoples opinions and that they (excel) were right and the fact was we did have to pay. As i live near Sheffield and there all the time i could pop down and say hello:) Anyone fancy joining me?
  19. Ive just had a chat with Tom From Excel Parking and i asked him what happened if you didnt pay a parking invoice. He said We will take you to court to recover the unpaid charges. I said do you take everyone to court He then said yed we take everyone to court and we win all the time. Thought this would cheer you up. What a load of lies!!! Ive head some rubbish in my time,but this takes the p***
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