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  1. Thank you Green and Mean- it was emailed to me as a pdf.....it would be great if you can help!
  2. In order to qualify for the discounted rate I need to send the appeal by this friday. I've just got the RTO/TRO through...it is quite a long document- what should I be looking for? Many thanks!
  3. Hi all, I've called the council to enquire about the RTO and they are going to send me a copy. I have drafted the following to send to contest the notice....do you think it is ok please: Dear Sirs, I am writing to contest the PCN I received on 08/08/2009. On Saturday, 8 August 2009, I parked my car in St Clements, Oxford. I parked the car at the side of the road in an area that was clearly marked as being for parking. There were no yellow lines in the parking area. Before leaving the vehicle I examined the parking sign, which was a white sign with a white 'P' o
  4. Ah I see- I will investigate.... is there a particular set up for the appeal or do I just write a letter?
  5. you see this is some distance away from where I live and I do not really remember what the upper bit of the sign said. Sorry for my ignorance but what is RTO? If I am to appeal- what should my grounds be please? thank you!
  6. Hi all, Thank you for your comments- I am trying to upload the images but I do not seem to be able to do them other than as a zip attachment- i hope this works. I have tried to search for the grounds under which I can appeal and a format to structure my appeal but I cannoto seem to find anything...can anyone help please? Many thanks again! PCN 1.zip PCN 2.zip Penalty Notice 1.zip
  7. of course- now that I am looking at it I can see what it says. But trying to manage with children and reading the sign quickly- I obviously misread the sign......the thing is so have others.......
  8. I parked at 4.30- I had read the white sign thinking that parking restrictions only operated between 9.30-4pm. The ticket was issued at 4.51pm. I do not have a better picture of the sign- I will try to get one. Do you think there is a chance or should I pay the fine?
  9. Hi, Sorry!!! I was parked on the street in a parking bay, on St Clements, Oxford. I have attached the photo that I have (I hope this works- I am quite a novice at all this!) Many thanks!
  10. Hi there everyone, I parked my car on Saturday at the side of the road in an area that was clearly marked as being for parking. There were no yellow lines in the parking area. The parking restrictions detailed on the sign gave the impression that there were no restrictions at that time and that I could park there. When I got back to my car I found a PCN waiting for me! The offence given was a “breach of clearway or red route”. I had another look at the sign and this time I looked at the sign above the one I read which gave different reading!!!! Of course if I had known there w
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