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  1. I've heard on the grapevine that the Luas / Veolia only follow up a select few fines, however I thought it best to admit my wrongdoings and I've splashed out 45euros on a lovely Easter present.... my fine for no ticket!! May I say what a great help this website is by the way; I previously got a 'parking fine' at B&Q from ParkingEye and this site was a great help to me. Thanks to all. I'll be back soon with more questions and queries. Tchau.
  2. I've looked through them links; it's not looking too good for me. Thanks for the help anyway.
  3. Thanks for that. I'm thinking maybe I should pay the fine after all
  4. I was only visiting for the weekend. I live in England. Clearly I made a mistake but I'm trying to find out what the procedure is should I not pay.
  5. I was in Dublin for the weekend and on Saturday I was given a Standard Fare Notice for having no ticket on the tram. Does anybody know where I stand with this?
  6. Just so people know, Parking Eye have now given up with their letters and it has been about 7-8 weeks since I last heard from them. In total I received the initial parking charge letter, a reminder, and a final letter threatening legal action... and nothing since. I hope this helps people out. Thanks to all those that helped me. Sven.
  7. Thanks for all the advice. I'm just going to run it by a few people I know.
  8. I'm a new user (signed up today !!) and I've received a 'parking charge notice' from Private Eye for parking on a B & Q Car park in Crewe for 4hrs, when you are apparently only allowed to park for 3hrs. My mother is the registered keeper, and she is a bit concerned about the potential mounting costs etc. I've read quite a few of the other instances on this site and it appears that, whilst I agree I should not have parked there in the first place, there is no way they can enforce this. I'm just after a little advice on exactly what I should do, if anything. Thanks.
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