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  1. Wow good luck, may the force be with you!!
  2. I know 1 win and everyones your best friend Maria if you put your name in google search 3 articles come up, I did mine and got 1. Maybe too soon to get an agent
  3. Well true to their word, cheque landed today £10307.33!! Hubby has hot footed down to bank already, didnt even get to see it Clears tuesday :D
  4. FoxyFiona

    ICY -v- Abbey

    Wow enjoy the lakes - the crown at Pooley bridge is Fab! My judegement took a week to come and then Abbey have said 10 days and then whatever it is for the cheque to clear. Hope that helps. Fiona x
  5. Oh well it was worth a try, emailed Inga yesterday to ask if they will add on the £765 charges since start of the claim, got this back today...... Dear xxx Thank you for your email to my colleague Inga. I can confirm we are processing payment for the judgement in this claim in the sum of £10,307.33. Payment will be made by cheque in approximately ten days. In terms of the additional £765 in charges, in light of the test case recently commenced by the OFT (more information on which can be found at Abbey) we have no instructions to enter into settlement negotiations pending the outcome of the test case. Kind regards Clare Hey ho, back to the drawing board, will need to see what our court is doing re the claims, can I still put claim in with an abuse of process do you think, or have I just missed my chance for this extra lot. FFx
  6. OMG - this one I need to keep an eye on
  7. Hey charley, How did the see through trousers go down? Oh dear that sounded worse than it meant to. Did you all have a good day? Maybe should have another one and invite Inga, she must feel like she knows us all by now
  8. FoxyFiona

    ICY -v- Abbey

    Good luck Icy, its like waiting in the dentist waiting room for your mouth to go numb:)
  9. You're the star! I filed the Judgement form, the tear off slip, this morning. Didnt attached the costs tho, is it too late. See look what happens when left to my own devices
  10. its wont let me do it googles 4 u dot com (with no spaces) Actually just tried that link above and it takes you to it. Glasses were product no. 13937 think you can get them in black too.
  11. Sorry Lula its Discount Eyeglasses online – Prescription eyeglasses & Prescription Sunglasses, Reading glasses You would think my typing would be spot on by now
  12. Ah Lula....bless you. Now down to the important stuff, the glasses! Go on goggle4u.com I got the specs from there $26.99 with free delivery! (american website, glasses come from pakistan) Worked out at about £14 All you have to do is get your prescription but also ask for pupil distance (they dont give you that automatically) measure your own specs for size guide (you will see what I mean when you visit the site), pick your specs and put in details (carefully) the glasses come in 12 days or 4 days if you choose express delivery for another $12 (my last pair with express delivery came to £19.38) Single vision thats for. You can get stronger ones that I think are about $38 Got the address from moneysavingexpert website, i think its great. I have 3 paris of glasses now. You no longer have to wait a year before you can get another pair of specs! heaven! One of the things Abbey drove me to when taking all my money But it was a success! ps try the code 4590 at checkout and you will get 5% discount (this might have expired but worth a try)
  13. Ah thanks guys, I thought I would be really excited when I got the news yesterday, but its been such an emotional rollercoaster journey that I really didnt expect, I just landed with a bump. Saving my energy for the cheque arriving, perhaps At the start of this I read that it wouldnt be easy or fast but worthwhile and I think that it was true to the word. I thought a few letters a bit of waiting and bobs your uncle......... What I didnt expect was that I would learn sooo much, at times be soo excited I would burst and be soo low at others that I wanted to leave the country; I certainly didnt expect to get on the ten o clock news or that I would gain soooooo much support from new found friends that have an amazing ability to pick you up and chuckle at the most frustrating times. So thank you all, CharleyFarley, Robdblynd, Kia, Icy, Mariejader, Clarion, Noobrider, Boris Becca, Reka, DS (so hope I havent missed anyone). Special thanks to Lula who just makes me laugh out loud! and GaryH who is my superhero as without his suggestion I would be waiting until that Jan 2008 court date. He has earned his place in heaven in my eyes. My lord, where did all that come from, it was like an oscar speech Didnt think I would ever say this but see you all in Round 2, charges since claim started, although think I will email the lovely Inga to see if she will just add them on to this cheque just to get rid of me. Not holding my breath though
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