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  1. Citizen B What a bombshell Thank you for that great research. This forum is the dogs boll**ks!!
  2. In addition I am close to sending Link the 12+2 letter saying they have not met their obligations to send me all details of the CCA. Here is a little snippet I have written into it. I really am going to get my teeth stuck into this lot!! OFT and Kate here I come!! I also note from your letter dated 02/09/09 that you state that “the account has already been enforced by way of a legal charge against the property”. Having purchased a copy of the title deeds to my property recently I see no information regarding your claim of such a charge. I insist that you furnish me with copies of all
  3. Hi to all here is my nightly installment. I have looked at the paperwork today. as a point of interest before I start Debtmatters sold our IVA to a company called Unique Business Finance Ltd. Here goes: We had a loan with Northern Rock that is included in our IVA. This is the debt that Link Financial say that they have purchased. Are Northern Rock legally allowed to sell a debt that is part of an IVA? If so and Link Financial have purchased the debt should the monthly installment be reduced or the amount that was going to Northern Rock now be going to Link Financial? I also
  4. Funny you should say that WM09 - I'm not a fan of IVA's either now - We saw the Debtmatters advert on TV debt free in 5 Years and saw this as the lifeline to get us out of the misery we were in. On went the blinkers However and this will teach us to read the small, if not smaller print that after 4 years we have to look to remortgage our home!! Didn't bloody well know that! Was never told either during the set up of the IVA. Once we were in it that's when the bombshell landed. Don't mention it in the TV advert either! Ignorance is no defence but anyone here contemplating an IVA make
  5. Many thanks AC. Wisdom is a wonderful thing! Thanks for your time. Will keep you posted of further developments if necessary. I do hope that LINK crawl back under the stone they came from.
  6. I have never received any information from Land Registry or notification of any order so will check this out. Is there a standard letter that I send to my MP, Kate Hoey and OFT/ Am going to speak with IVA Supervisior to see if they can shed any light on this. Thanks for your help so far.
  7. NO CCJ Did NOT go to court Never received a summons NO documents Up to the 17th August this year I had never heard from this company until one of their rather stroppy call centre reps called me asking me to make a payment. I refused saying I had never heard of them. The thing is, he told me that they bought the debt in 2007 from Northern Rock which I found quite odd considering the account/amount concerned is part of our IVA which we entered into in 2006. Not sure how they say the charge is on the property in that case. I also wonder how Northern Rock or Debtmatters manag
  8. Hi AC, Thank you for your prompt reply. Do I now send them the letter I found on the forum saying they are now in default as they have not provided the requested information in 12 days or do I now ignore them? Many thanks
  9. Hi to all, I first posted on here as a 'newbie' seeking guidance. I sent the CCA letter dated 24/08/09 and received a reply from LINK on the 02/09/09. I would hazard a guess that the letter they have sent me is pretty much standard so will not rewrite it here. However there are a couple of points which raise concern. I understand that LINK have 12 days to respond to my request - they tell me in the letter that it can take up to 30 days. The letter also says they have requested the most recent terms and conditions the account was operated under. Is that the same as the original? Who
  10. Hi to all, new on here and I hope I can get advice. 3 Years ago we entered into an IVA. The debtors are off our backs and payments are made as requested. HOWEVER..... This morning I received a phone call from a sarcastic agent from Link Financial Ltd. He didn't hang around and asked me to make a payment. (I refused) I questioned who he was and what this was about. He tells me that it relates to a debt with Northern Rock which is a secured loan on our house. I told him that this was crafty by Northern Rock, that they, knowing we entered an IVA went ahead and secured the loan on o
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