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  1. Thank you also Ibruk. I now have peace of mind and will stick to my guns. I do not condone bullying in any shape or form and therefore left the position. Ironically my Line Manager was an inspiring person to work with and could never understand why he had such a high turnover of staff. He does now!!
  2. Thanks for your reply Becky 2585. I know I should have given some notice but due to the awful experience provided the sick note to cover the notice period.
  3. I have recently ended a probationary trial period myself. I discussed the reason as to why with HR two weeks prior and stated that I did not approve of the office politics. After ending my trial period I handed in a Med 3 and self certification to cover myself. (two months). Do you think this will be the end of the issue or will the company make waves for me, as I am unsure of how much notice I should have given. Fortunatately I had not received a full contract of employment only a brief terms of contract in my offer of employment. I have no intention of making waves or ta
  4. Thank you for your reply Sally. I myself agree with probably end in a stale mate situation and he will have to pay the working tax credit back. His payments have stopped. Although I will draft a letter for him and see what the outcome is.
  5. Thanks for your reply Sally - I returned to work in March and made a claim for myself for WTC disability element. I was previously on ESA and in the Support Group. With regard to the council tax. The whole bill is in my name, including the lodgers element as the bill has to come to the owner of the household. Therefore he is under no obligation to pay his 25%. I have always been happy with this arrangement as I know that the Council Tax will always be paid and nor arrears will accrue on the account. We are definately two single people living under the same roof. Now all I have
  6. Any ideas on how to approach this one. I am beginning to fume, having re read the letter I am most annoyed to read the comment "We have information that there is another adult, stating my name, living at your address". I am more than happy to help the lodger out but rather dubious about giving him my personal details such as bank accounts, savings, credit card statements etc. The lodger knows nothing about my personal circumstances and I would prefer it to stay that way.
  7. My lodger has claimed working tax credit disability element since 2009. He has just received a letter asking why he did not make a joint claim with me. The letter asks for evidence to support his reasons for not making a joint claim. When making the claim originally I inquired on his behalf with the local CAB and the HMRC helpline and was given the same quidelines. We can share a property if he has his own bedroom, we do not engage in sexual activity and we do not eat meals together. As we met the criteria he applied for WTC. Can anyone help me with pointers with regard to the ev
  8. Thank you for your replies, very much appreciated.
  9. Thank you for your reply. Yes, I made sure all was in order Doctors medical certificate, copy of confirmation that he was registered with the LA under the chronically sick and disabled persons' act and disability element of WTC. The council wrote to the doctor asking a few questions and they have revoked the benefit stating that as his epilepsy is under control with medication he is no longer classed as severely mentally impaired. Upon contacting the council and trying to put across the side effects of the condition and medication they turned a deaf ear and came back with the answe
  10. I wonder if any one has similar problems with claiming the severe mental imparement. I claimed for my tenant and received the 25% discount from September 2011 until January 2012. I provided a certificate from his doctor (doctor charged £10), copies of his disablement registration with the LA (dated 2008) and WTC - proof of disability element. so I thought all was in order. In January 2012 I received an amended bill adding the discount back on again to be paid with immediate effect. Upon telephoning I was advised that the LA had approached the doctor and the doctor had confirmed th
  11. Sorry to badger you all - any one out there with any advice would be very much appreciated. I forgot to mention that when I filled in forms for ESA I was placed in the support group, not sure if this is really relevant to the DLA application.
  12. Good Evening I would very much appreciate so advice as I think I have made a big mistake. I applied for DLA and was declined, I asked for a reconsideration and a doctor came to the house. He completed 20 mins of the medical and terminated it as he felt I was too ill to continue. We then had a brief chat and he asked if it was a bad day. I replied no a good one as I am up. Several weeks later I received a letter stating they needed to complete the medical. I replied asking for the medical to be postponed until I was well enough. Then received a reply stating they were unable
  13. Thanks for your reply. My sick note was for 4 weeks dated the 9th August. My doctor has stated that she will not give another (reason being, I desperately need a rest from going every week to the Job Centre Plus). The Advisor I had each week was the most horrendous individual I have every met and just stated over and over again that I was not trying hard enough to get a job. I find myself absolutely exhausted running round attending interviews and the negativity of the feedback from interviews. I have attended 150 interviews since the 1st March, from everything to Cleaner, Kitchen Ass
  14. Yes, I agree. As I am only signed off for a month and then going back onto JSA, I am quite shocked at the length of the form and the red tape involved. I shall have finished claiming ESA by the final date of return of the form 4th October 2010. Therefore I am unsure whether to cancel the claim and not bother as it seems hardly worth the hassle.
  15. Any advice greatly appreciated. I made a claim for ESA on the 9th August on the telephone and received a letter requesting me to send off the sick note. Today I have received the ESA50 to complete which quite surprised me as I have not yet received notification of my ESA award. Are ESA50's now coming through this quick?
  16. Hi Can anyone confirm if the information given by the tax credit helpline is correct? Last year I claimed ESA from May to November and when I found part time work (20 hours) claimed working tax credit disability element only, as I have no children. From the 9th November 2009 to 28th February I was employed and then dismissed at the end of my trial period. I have continued to search for work since and have now found another part time job. I contacted the helpline again to ask them to forward another claim form and was advised that I was no longer eligable to claim working
  17. Hi everyone I have today received feedback from an agency and am not sure how to take it and would very much appreciate some comments. An agency put my CV forward for a position. I attended the first interview (1.5 hours) and was called in for a second interview, to go over the job role, computer system and meet the ladies in the office. (3.5 hours). I was declined the position and the feed back provided by the agency was that I would not fit in. To say that I am speechless is an understatement as I was unaware that I was being socially vetted by the ladies in the office.
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