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  1. It's been about 6 weeks now since I threatened them with costs etc and (hopefully) my threat seems to have worked. I have not heard anything from them since. My complaints to various organisation however have resulted in some surprising actions or rather lack of them. West Mercia Police decided that as they have now stopped calling me they will take no further action (despite my 2 1/2 months of harrasment from them). The information Commisioners Office decided they would take no action as I could not prove that HL Solicitors did not have a reason to contact me (despite the fact they ad
  2. This saga gets even more unbelievable. HL Solicitors have now wrote to me apologising for the calls stating that they have now removed my phone number from their system. They then go on to advise me to contact my mobile phone provider as they believe that my "mobile number may have been recycled at some point". I have had my mobile number since 1996 or 1997 and at the time paid for a "vanity number" ie one that is easy to remember. This number had never been used before as it was issued during the transition of mobile numbers from 10 digit numbers to the current 11 digit
  3. Hi Brigadier, Thanks for the update, I will make sure I add the OFT and Ofcom to my list of complainants. gideonssword, when I carried out a Google search, they seemed to me to be an extremely dubious claims company hence the reason for my complaint to the Financial Ombudsman. I did try to complain to the Solicitors Regulatory Authority however they said they could not act in my case as I had not asked the to act on my behalf. I hope you have more luck. I will try and update this thread with any further updates.
  4. I am having a nightmare with this company. Since mid-July I have been receiving automated calls from them on a series of numbers including (but not limited to): 07964035617 07805919436 07964038716 07964098480 07964082425 07964038719 07964036763 07964038632 07964038360 07964038574 07964035619 07964038540 07964036874 07964038601 01527405495 07791419113 07964038468 07964038544 07964038664 01527586596 I refused to answer any of these calls however they did leave voicemail messages asking me to call them. I wrote to the
  5. Hi, I hope that I am not repeating an old post however over the last week or so I have been receiving a number of calls on my mobile from mobile numbers I do not recognise. These numbers have included: 07964038716 07964035617 On each occasion I have not answered (I make it a policy of not answering calls when I do not recognise the number). On the calls from the above numbers I have received a voicemail message asking me to call H&L Solicitors. A quick Google search for the numbers and the company suggest that this company have tried to claim that people
  6. Hi, I have been a frequent customer of Ebuyer due to their low prices, high quality and excellent customer service but I think that I may now have an interesting dilemma. In July of this year I purchased a brand new laptop which was working fine until last week when it began to act strange. Eventually on Thursday, it stopped recognising the hard drive. I ran some test using the hard drive manufacturer's own software and the drive was reported as being faulty. I should point out at this point that I am a computer technician by trade. I contacted Ebuyer who said I had to return th
  7. They have refused so far to provide statements. They claim that all they need to provide is the copy of the terms and conditions and the signed credit agreement. I had never heard of a SAR request before but have looked briefly at the link and will follow that up. Just out of interest, would I seek the information from Argos or Hillesden?
  8. I've checked the paperwork I've got and in November 2009 I received a letter from Argos telling me that they had assigned the debt to Hillesden and a copy of what appears to be a contract selling the debt on. Does the fact that there is no date next to the signature have any bearing on this?
  9. Thanks for the advice, when I get back I'll check the paperwork to see what they have said with regards to who owns the debt.
  10. Hi, A few years ago I got into some money trouble which I am slowly getting out of, mainly through help and advice from forums including this one. I had a number of debt collection agencies chasing me for alleged debts. Following advice I sent them the standard DCA letters requesting a copy of the credit agreement and a statement of account. This has scared most of them off apart from Hillesden Securities which also uses the names "Direct Legal & Collections" and DLC. This company is chasing me for an alleged debt for an Argos store card. After messing me around for m
  11. Thank you, the copy agreement supplied was signed in October 2006. It does have terms and conditions on it. I will contact them and quote the relevant sections of the act. Thank you for your assistance.
  12. I am currently being chased by Fredricksen International for an alleged credit card debt. I sent a CCA letter and received a copy of the original agreement and a monthly summary. All the summary shows is the alleged balance for the month and the total of alleged spending during the month. Is this enough to over the requirements of a CCA request or do they need to provide a full statement before I asses the claim?
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