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  1. Larry probbly wont answer this but i why is it he says that cmcs provide the funding? I have heard that one cmc is a bit of a joke with some funders on account of their wild claims for their product The lenders who know ultimately that the law is against them are just waiting for them to say something really ludicrous so they can get a scare story to their friends inthe financial press
  2. Isnt Larry very defensive of ratiomoney for a competitor?
  3. If Larry is to be believed and is a competitor of ratio is the simular (sic) company his own
  4. Hi Larry was your post yesterday meant for me or have i got confused
  5. Hi Saddler sol still insists that needs the barrister to sign off each individual case.The other thing is cmc keep saying different university this maths professor is supposed to be from you can never pin them down to give a straight answer.Mind you i dont know whether its that important if they tell a few fibs to get the sol moving:confused:
  6. Hi Saddler Thts the point apparently .The methodology is accepted but a variety of sols have issues with the data that is then inputted .My sol says that a few firms and insurers have concerns that the cmc dont want the audits examined too closely and actually getting the barrister to approve the individual audit is not a formality. I will spk my sol and get back to you Thanks Swizzly
  7. Hi Saddler Just another thought has this QC actually approved the audit Thanks swizzly
  8. Hi Saddler Have you actually got ate with your cmc case thanks Swizzly
  9. Hi Gezwee The ate is a separate self funding arrangement which my solicitor has to get but the cmc said they had it ready approved.This turns out to be untrue as a barrister has to give a final thumbs up which they wont do if the audit is dodgy. Looking at it myself even though the audits math might be questioned there are other issues anyway which should help my claim I'm getting into this a bit now and seeing villainous tricks from both sides of the fence!
  10. Hi Sadler Did your cmc provide an audit to the solicitor or was one provided later? I might not get ATE insurance if there are any doubts over the quality of the audit and I might have to get a further report done Many thanks
  11. I have an ongoing claim at the moment and I find the solicitor and cmc are often saying different things with the cmc being very gung ho and perhaps oversimplistic whilst the solicitors are very cautious.When i speak to the cmc they are like excited sales people who just talk over you when you question how long things will take.I also get the impression that the solicitor doesnt trust the cmc and is more concerned with protecting her own back than progressing the claim.Is this a common experience
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