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  1. Thanks for the advice. I decided to take them up on the Repair and Protect plan. 75 quid isn't too bad in the great scheme of things. Already a screw up tho with Domestic and General, booked in for yesterday and they didn't turn up. Rang them and they'd booked next week 2nd October by mistake. Then they realised the engineer booked doesn't cover my area so it's the 5th Oct now. So it's off to the launderette I go, it'll be like being a student again! On the plus side, D&G have agreed to reimburse launderette costs as it was their mistake which is fair enough.
  2. I bought a Beko washing machine from AO in July 2014 which was delivered to my home. From the beginning the machine always had a little niggle. It would run for longer than the remaining time displayed. Sometimes running for a while with 1 min remaining. As time went on sometimes it developed more little quirks. Sometimes I would have to manually cancel the programme and it would flash 'end' for an age without unlocking. Eventually it packed in altogether, just permanently flashes 'end' and door wouldn't open. Contacted AO who put me thru to Beko who sent an engineer round. They sai
  3. Just an update on this. I'm afraid that most of the information given here is wrong. The opticians ended up agreeing to provide an interpreter for the day of the appointment. On the morning of the appointment I received a text saying that there would not be an interpreter and I had to bring my own. You cannot agree to provide one, then withdraw it just 3 hours before I was due to attend. I exchanged some emails with their legal dept and they agreed that under the Equality Act they were required to make reasonable adjustment, which in this case mean providing an interpreter
  4. I'm sorry but in what capacity are you offering this advice? You cannot compare this to a German asking for a translator. Deafness is a disability, I cannot suddenly learn to hear or learn to speak (believe me I wish I could) if I were a wheelchair user reasonable adjustment would be to provide a ramp to gain access. If I were blind then braille print may be offered. In any case the blind man or the wheelchair user will have full access to the information based on the fact they can hear and speak. An excerpt from the CAB on the Equality Act states: "Should you have to pay f
  5. I tried to make an appointment with a very large national chain of well known opticians who offer laser eye surgery. As I'm profoundly deaf with a speech impairment I use sign language to communicate. With something as important as my eyes I would like to get the full facts with regard to the options of having laser eye surgery. I asked for a BSL interpreter and they said they would contact head office and get back to me. They have come back to me and said that it's not something that they provide and I would be responsible for providing my own interpreter and advised it would cost a
  6. It's a Seat Leon 1.9tdi 2005 (basically a VW Golf mk4) It's got full service history with all services done on schedule and is low miles for the year.
  7. I don't think the car's history is relevant to this issue. The car was bought with full service history and the terms of The Warranty Group parts and labour cover is that the car was regularly serviced on schedule. It has been serviced on schedule and this has to be proved otherwise cover isn't valid. In my opinion this does not detract from the RAC's liability. Simply put, they diagnosed faulty starter, fitted new starter, still not fixed, took to RAC garage who did nothing and said all was fine. Starter catches fire. Injury or potential loss of life luckily averted. They should be bend
  8. Please move this to the correct topic if this is not the right place please. This is my first post so go gentle My girlfriend (who is also deaf and disabled) took out a RAC membership last October (2015) with RAC Parts and Labour cover which provides cover up to £750 in the event of a parts failure. She also added courtesy car cover. She did this because she knows nothing about cars and wanted complete peace of mind. *Parts and Labour cover seems to be provided by a third party warranty company called The Warranty Group (TWG) In January 2016 her car wouldn't start at the top
  9. Hi Not sure this is the right section to post my query I'm a bit overwhelmed with the amount of categories here! I've recently won a small claims court against an independant courier company. Briefly I used them to ship a large LCD tv that I sold on ebay to the winning bidder in 2007 & took out insurance. The TV arrived smashed & I put in a claim with the courier company but for some reason the claim was taking an extraordinarily long time to be settled each time I would ring & speak to the person dealing with the claim he would say that the insurance were still processin
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