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  1. So would we write to EE or Moorcroft. According to the charming man at EE the account was now closed and out of their hands.. Would we question the default directly with Equifax as well?
  2. Well that's what we thought as well, but they seem to think they can and have. What would give them the right to do it?
  3. Hi all, Is this even possible? We have no idea what its in relation to but EE have registered a default against my wife for £56. We have had no correspondence and have not lived at the address on their files for over 6 years. We have actually been customers of EE for 20 odd years even back to when they were T-Mobile which is when the debt originated apparently... When she has rang them tonight she was met with a rather stroppy customer services agent and told it was in relation to a SIM only sim card from back in 2008.! They have now passed the debt over to Moorcroft and washed their hands of it, but recently registered the default.! Can they even do that??
  4. This fella is ringing from a mobile number and he just had that debt collector tone to him.... I just thought it would have been sufficient time since the offer from Nolans for them to instruct some kind of doorstep botherer He gives his name as Eric but I can't hear his surname properly...
  5. Thats very helpful DX thank you. It could well be just a Spam call, albeit I think this fella tried off a few different numbers today.... So long as I know my wife isn't going to get some goon on the doorstep while i'm at work.
  6. OK, so I ignored their offer in March. I have started getting voice messages from an authoritive sounding Glaswegian fella who does not tell me what company he is from or what he needs to speak to me about. My suspicious side is guessing he is linked somehow to the Nolans/MEIII situation. I have not rang him back. My question is this - if Nolans have now sold it to or instructed one of these legal thugs (debt collectors) can he turn up at the house and walk away with the telly?
  7. Would it be prudent for me to respond in writing to them? Even just a statement of my disappointment that they disagree with the Sheriffs assertions and timescales? If nothing else it would cost MEIII more money for N0lans to respond?
  8. That's pretty much what I thought - veiled threat. But does their 'threat' carry any credence?
  9. Aaaaaaaaaaand they're back again.... Tenacious little souls. Any thoughts/opinions appreciated. scan0013.pdf scan0014.pdf
  10. Isn't it madness.! Surely someone at ME III or Nolans is keeping tot of the costs so far and makes a decision to bin it when, in the event of success, the debt wont even recoup the costs?? I think their costs are capped at £150 or thereabouts even if they are awarded them.
  11. Thanks DX. So to summarise the costs ME III will meet so far for the two claims: N0lans Local Solicitor (twice) Claim to bring case to court cost? (twice)
  12. £427...!!! I had been thinking a hundred quid max.! My case was dealt with first and I was out the door in ten minutes. Yes a very well respected local solicitor (not junior) If she does charge 427 then her bill alone will almost cost the alleged debt.! Thats without N0lans bill... I'm guessing the Sheriff Officer will charge as well though?
  13. Yes, I see I did in fact say that .! I was typing whilst walking back to the car..!! Must have auto corrected it.. Definitely NO expenses...
  14. Their representative suggested that they needed 30 - 60 days to acquire the relevant documentation Andy, I have a feeling that's when the sheriff lost interest. We've now had 2 bailiff letters delivered to the door and they've had to pay a local 'very qualified and respected' solicitor twice to appear for them. Surely when their costs are capped in the event of success they must now have to take a holistic approach to the matter??
  15. No, the Sheriff didn't award any costs at all. He did ask me if I had incurred any but didn't think a CAG donation would cut any mustard with him so i'll happily suffer that myself.!
  16. SECOND CLAIM DISMISSED. The Sheriff seemed far from impressed that N0lans had implied that his 21 days was not adequate to get the requested information and as such dismissed the claim. However, did make it clear to me that they could still yet return with a third claim.......
  17. Can he still dismiss/pause before Tuesday? It's just so close. Should I drop the courts an email before Tuesday highlighting the claimants have not supplied the docs? Or will I just rub the Sheriff up the wrong way if I do....
  18. OK, so this Tuesday (day after tomorrow) sees me back in front of the Sheriff for the next CMD. The last time I was advised to come back with a defence. He also ordered the Claimant to supply him and myself with full detailed statements from day one and the DN within 3 weeks. That was 4 weeks ago and I haven't received anything.... Any thoughts?
  19. Is that the same thing? in relation to Credit Files, etc. Also, whats a LiT?
  20. That clears that up then Also, in Scotland, say this went the whole way and I lost - would that result in a CCJ against me?
  21. Well documented Andy. To be honest judging by his mood yesterday I thought it better not to question him 'ever'... It was quite enough when I asked him what he would do if they didn't come up with the DN and full statement. I got the feeling my reliance on RJ had rattled him somewhat... And I did mention that not only had they not had the documents in order the first time round that in fact they also did not have them in order this time round. So i'm not expecting a Decree of Absolvitor if they fail again.... Also, on a separate note - can N0lans claim for costs in a SP Claim?
  22. Yes, that also has to be produced within 3 weeks. however I get the feeling that is to satisfy ME rather than a legal reqauirement
  23. I would say, on the whole, he did not seem impressed by my defence or the case in general. Before I even spoke he shut me down regarding the Res Judicata that I had rested me defence on in the 4A Form and made a point of telling the clerk to include his comments in the notes. He said that it was irrelevant as he not not made a Decree of Dismissal or Decree of Absolvitor (i think thats the word) so they could come back as many times as they like. He asked what my defence was which I replied the Res Judicata was and that he had already dismissed this claim, so he brushed past that. I went on to state that the there had been PPI included in the amount being chased which is around 96% of the figure which he also did not seem impressed with and told me that had nothing to do with it. He asked why I wanted the full statements because surely I already had them, to which I responded that I did not. (Again an unimpressed expression from him) When I said that I needed to see if there were had been any charges levied against me that shouldn't have been he seemed to accept the requirement of the statements and that was when he made the Order to give N0lans 3 weeks to seek the relevant docs. I then asked what would happen if they did not come up with them in 3 weeks to which I was told (with a frown) that he would think about it again at that point.... All in all it was not a great experience. Looked about another 7 or 8 cases, I was number 4 or 5 I think. Not a lot of people there to be honest but still not the most private environment for delicate matters.
  24. Yes, and he suggested that I returned with a better defence... He even asked me why I needed to see them..!!
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