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  1. I guess you're right ! Mum received an offer today from Halifax to refund the charges. She is happy with this. I've advised her to accept, and she will do so shortly. Thanks to everyone for your support and encouragement.
  2. This was sent to the CEO of HBOS yesterday (no one at HBOS would give me his address or fax number, apparently his person is not contactable by the fee paying riff raff, so the letter was faxed and posted to the HBOS Registered Head Office ). HBOS_CEO_Letter.doc
  3. Thanks, I delivered it by hand and got a receipt. I'll remember to send the copy to the CEO by recorded delivery.
  4. Heres a copy of a letter Mum wrote today, with a little help from me :- I think the £63 charge represents a 16000 % markup on the 39pence. (a 200% markup would bave been 78 pence) Complaint_HBOS_charges.doc
  5. I didn't mention it explicitly - because his email is box if full, but Ive replied to slick who sent me a message. I believe Slick is a member of the site team. Thank you.
  6. I've just listened to the tape again. It's really damning - and crystal clear. The banker at the other end even agreed it's unfair but said it was legitimate. I think scandalous would have been a better word.
  7. Her account balance was caused to be 39 pence overdrawn by HBOS levying an interest charge of £1.06, which she was unaware of. On a Saturday morning, she checked her account balance via telephone banking. The balance was given as £5.67 credit. She thought it safe to spend £5.00 in at her local supermarket, which she did in good faith the same day. Unfortunately HBOS had levied £1.06 in interest charges the previous day (Friday), which she had no idea had occurred and which failed to show up on account balance given to her on Saturday over the phone. Consequently her acc
  8. She was so distressed about these charges that I recorded the conversation for her. I've got the tape.
  9. Hello Bank Fodder, Thanks for your reply. I've emailed you her contact details and those of her MP - Stephen Williams.
  10. Thanks v. much for your response. She pleaded with HBOS on the phone regarding the charge. They weren't interested. The conversation was recorded . It shows the banks attitude to a pensioner.
  11. This Government owned bank, propped up by tax payers money is seemingly fleecing those who are the most financially vulnerable, with apparently extortionate charges.
  12. Hello, My 78 year old mum, who is a pensioner, has been charged £63 by HBOS for being 39 pence overdrawn. Does anyone know if the media would be interested or a political party ?
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