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  1. have done , thanks Pictures by shantimar09 - Photobucket
  2. Help please !!!!??? update on my HBOS CCA . THe CCA i have posted on photobucket !!>>>>> The bank have now sent me this letter >>> also on my photobucket . They senyt along with it pages and pages of terms, conditions, various jargon etc etc , the contents of this letter state that they insist that the CCA is enforcebale , and that they do not need to provide a signed copy of the CCA ??? but they have done , but i was hoping it may be found to be unenforceable as it is so illegible ??? I dont know wat to do now , am tearing my hair out !!! trying to deal with this and so many other horrific things going on in my life, gp has upped my antidepressants , feel so bad !! Please someone give me some advice ??should I fire off letters/ court action re unenforcebale CCA and see if It goes in my favour ???HELP !!!!! arghhhh . thanks guys xxx
  3. UPDATE ON CCA ,The cca I have posted here >>>> Pictures by shantimar09 - Photobucket is this the correct cca ? does anyone think i could say it is not enforceable ?? Spoke to lady on fne yday at mbna , she said re reduced payment plan and or reduced settlement balance , that I can only have 1 or the other ???is this right ???? cant i arrange a reduced payament plan and then try to arrange a reduced full and final settlement on balance ?? anyone have experience of this ? wat am i likely to get negotiated ? need help ASAP , please guys . said to begin with they said approx 60% settlement , that is still far too much , couldnt afford that but she said we could negotiate more, have been told previously could get around 35/ 40 % settlement that is much more feasible and i am expecting to receive a sum of money in next 6/7 weeks so would be so glad to finalise this and settle my mbna debt as it is killing me, so stressed all the time, depressed , thought about suicide ! My brain feels worn out , any suggestions please . Thanks xxx
  4. thats a lot guys , thats what i suspected , I am going to double check the date i took the application out and check it matches with wat they have on cca in case they have just fashioned one out of nothing ???! Wat would be a fair settlemet on £4200 , AS they have mentioned in last letter re a reduced balance settlement ????? thanks very much everyone . xxxx
  5. I dont really have enough charges for it to be worth claiming them , and I have only paid a few months ppi and I requested it at a later date from when i took application out so it is correct that it was not ticked on my application. If there is not any reason anyone thinks this would be unenforceable then I think my best bet is for a decent settlement ??? thanks guys
  6. any advice / ideas on this CCA for me please , I hoped it may unenforceable but I feel it may be very proper looking and possibly is the original one . any help be greatly appreciated . thanks scan0001.jpg picture by shantimar09 - Photobucket
  7. wondering whether this hbos cca is enforceable ?If it seems unenforceable what should my next steps be ?? any advice guys i hope it is unenforceable because it doesnt have the correct prescribed terms, no mention of credit limit , apr etc etc . desperate for some helpful advice , any greatly appreciated. thanks xxx Pictures by shantimar09 - Photobucket
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