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  1. The flat I live in has had a problem with the roof, which has been "kicked down the road" for the last 8 or so years, and got progressively worse, to the point where there was a partial ceiling collapse in a communal stairway, and as a result, the managing agents (HML Anderton) have finally "sprung" into action. As the roof has got progressively worse, so has the bill, and there is a shortfall of just over £5k per flat, which we have received a section 20 demand to be paid immediately, money which I cannot afford. I have paid £1k, can shove £3k on a credit card (which I am reluctant to do, as my credit card has a high APR, due to my poor credit rating) but that still leaves me £1k short. Mortgage provider not interested for the reasons above. The question of what happens if we cannot afford it was raised in a residents meeting when this first came up, and the response was that they would contact the mortgage provider directly to seek the funds, but this was subsequently denied when I asked about this option. The agents have been continually chasing me, and advised that I was the "last to pay", although a neighbour told me last weekend that he had only just paid, so I know this not to be true ( at least when they said it). I think my question is, are they being unreasonable in demanding this money in such a short period of time. I really don't know what to do next. Any advise greatly received.
  2. Evening all. I was about a day away from being repossessed by Swift back in 2005. As a result I had to remortgage, and lost £28k in equity (which was massively more than I borrowed). I would very much like to reclaim something, although I do not expect to get anything like what I lost back. To be honest, I would just be happy to become a thorn in their side for a bit. Is 2005 too far back for me to start digging things back up? It's also worth noting that Swift do not sell property's to reclaim their debt, they retain them. Absolute ****. I did read that there was a change in the law back in 2005 which means that their practices are being outlawed? Could this be applied retrospectively?
  3. Hi, I very much doubt this will do any good, but I almost lost my home and and had a massive chunk of equity stolen by these bandits, so count me in!
  4. found this forum by accident, had an awful problem with Swift a couple of years ago, almost lost my home. A long story, changed careers, got into various debts and was offered a loan by Swift of (from memory, do not have any papers with me) of around 11k, paid the loan for a couple of years, unfortunately fell into arrears with this also, and on two seperate occasions, they tried to reposses my home, eventually a friend put me in touch with a mortgage broker, and after having the loan for about 2 years or so, the only way that I could end the agreement was with a settlement figure of some 28k... bottom line is, they have taken a huge chunk of the equity from my home, and meant that the plans for my future have had to be massively re-thought. I specifically remember talking to Mark White (that's how I found this forum) and would dearly love someone to put these guys out of business....I remember the broker that arranged my re-mortgage describing Swift as nothing more than "legalised money lenders".. I will try to dig out some old statements, and maybe try to get back some of the money they *EDIT* from me.. I remember hearing that they have a property portfolio, so I guess rather than doing what most reputable organisations do, and when they reposses, just sell the property to recoup their losses, they keep the property....
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