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  1. Great advice MM. I will go for for broke - after all, I probably will be if I don't. Only 15 years away from retirement too and it was meant to be my pension. The very friendly Estate Agency that tried to sell my house for me may make up a letting contract for me if it should come down to that. Many thanks xx
  2. Hello Mungo's Mum. I started looking at that thread 'Mortgage Express appoint Walker Singleton LPA receivers' and the third thread mentions access to legal advice. As a train driver I pay £22 a month to ASLEF. They have union appointed solicitors so I will be able to make enquiries with them about my situation.
  3. Hello Mungo's Mum, That is what I'm afraid of - that they could sell my property from under me and I will be left with nothing. I put £53,000 down as a deposit but if they sell it for £224,000 or less to realise their money there will be nothing left. I expect that they wil cahrge me for the privilege too? Dotty - Ah! I see what you mean. Even if I took the risk of making up a false tenant it would be worth it if they are going to go for a repossession anyway.
  4. Why would they? Because I have been trying to reduce the mortgage by selling part of the garden Why did I increase it? It is interest only and I was renting elsewhere - so I could afford to and start paying off some of the capital Another good reason to find another tenant. I would have to rent again myself - dead money
  5. I can't get a residential remortgage for £224,000 on my wages unfortunately even though I can comfortably pay it.
  6. If I rented it out to a friend would they not get suspicious? I would have to change my mailing address too. Plus I would have to have the rental agreement ready for inspection. I was wondering - since I have broken the mortgage conditions in their eyes, would I be able to rent it out again? I had thought of saying O.K. - I will rent it out again but reduce the mortgage back down to £960 a month from £1,200. So effectively they would be worse off. My interest rate is 5.19% and the fixed rate/ERC ends in March 2011 so I could be in line for lower rate if I can stay here.
  7. Many thanks for all your replies. I didn't realise that the solicitors would keep a copy of the Mortgage Agreement. Would they keep that after 3 years? I will enquire with them. Yes - I forgot about B&B being bought out by Santander. They want to reduce the amount of risk on their books so will not offer remortgages to Mortgage Express account holders I have been trying to sell part of my garden to a developer (with the permission of Mortgage Express on the understanding that proceeds go straight to them). That would enable me to remortgage with somebody else for around £174,000.
  8. Hello Dotty, Many thanks for your reply. The lender is Mortgage Express - now owned by Bradford & Bingley which of course is now nationalised. So in effect I'm under threat from a firm which as a taxpayer I part own. Ironic huh? I can't find the terms and conditions amongst my many boxes. I have searched several times - they will be here but typically I just can't find them. My solicitors don't have a copy of them.
  9. Hello, I am hoping someone may be able to advise me about an unusual situation. After my tenants moved out I tried selling my Buy-to-Let last year but had no offers after 20 viewings. As I was renting myself due to my work, I had to move back in as I couldn't afford two payments. I can't be the only landlord that has had to move back into their property due to the current climate? I actually increased the mortgage payment on the buy to let from £960 to £1,200 a month and have never missed a payment. However - I have been told by my mortgage company that under their terms &
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