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  1. My 2009 Kia Ceeds ignition broke without any warning. This happened around 2005. Luckily it was still under warranty. It can happen any time although they should have contacted you to let you know. £350 sounds steep.
  2. That would mean you didn't update your driving licence with your new addresses. It seems strange the police haven't 'doorstepped' you. They normally do this to confirm you were the driver.. Haven't you viewed the photographs? They are normally available online.
  3. If this is from November 2017 when did you become aware you were being blamed for being the driver?
  4. To be fair you shouldn't have left it out overnight as it's not classed as a permanent structure. I bought a cheap one from eBay and it crumpled like a cheap suit. I got my money back. That being said I don't think it's been particularly windy in the UK well it certainly hasn't been in Central Scotland where I am. I'd certainly question its quality but perhaps omit the fact you left it out overnight.
  5. Thanks. Is there a cut off rate I can freely move at?
  6. This one really gets on my goat. I signed up to a two year contract with Vodafone last year at £20pm. I've just been sent a text by them informing me the price will increase by 2.5%. I'm pretty happy with Vodaphone but then I was happy with O2, Plusnet and GiffGaff as well. It's the whole principle that gets me. If I lost my job and wanted to cancel they would be telling me I signed a contract and must stick to that but they seem to forget the contract when it works in their favour. Do I have to accept their increase?
  7. A few months ago I ordered some Fischer rawlplugs online. Inside there was a scratch card which I won and called the company to claim my prize. They said someone would contact me but several phone calls later and several promises later and I still haven't received any call to tell me what I've won. Can I take action? If so how do I contact?
  8. I received a phone call from them last week. I informed them I didn't appreciate the phone call but since they were on the phone I informed them I didn't owe them any money and to stop harassing me. It sounded like a wee daft lassie on the phone who was reading from a script. She said they 'may' add this to my credit file. It sounded very much like a threat. Can they do this?
  9. As many of you know GB energy went into receivership last year. I was a customer of theirs but left way before they went into receivership. The last bill I received was a credit of £78.03. I was told the company taking over the account would deal with this. life took over and I completely forgot all about it. I changed suppliers and heard nothing more until yesterday when I received an email from a company named CD: As a previous customer of GB Energy Supply Limited you are receiving this update to notify you of recent events regarding the Company. On 30 November 2016 at
  10. No they didn't do that. They tried with the 9K debt that wasn't mine but I disputed it. I never signed into that agreement. I thought I would post on here to get someone's opinion from Scotland.
  11. Not panicking, just looking for alternate opinions. I do wish you'd stop using acronyms. I have no idea what they mean.
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