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  1. Ah thanks Rachel, that answers all of my questions perfectly
  2. Hi HB Thanks for the quick reply, I am not to sure what the absence was put down as. Holiday is not an option for theis issue as I have used all of my yearly allocation of holidays! Regards GaS
  3. Hi I hope someone can help on this issue, Recently my Dad was rushed into hospital and I took a few days off work to be by his side etc.. The company I work for are now requesting confirmation that he was in hospital. They have already rang the hospital to verify this but were denied any info on the grounds of DPA. Now they are requesting some form of documentation to state he was taken in. A, is a company allowed to request this info? B, If A is yes any ideas as to what I could provide to prove the fact? C, If I cant provide any documentation are they allowe
  4. Would you have a rough idea on how much this would normally cost?
  5. So if I went to court and lost in this case then I would have the CCJ brought forward to the current date and if I paid it in 28 days it would be gone???????
  6. Indeed it is mate and I full appreciate that gravity of that but both your's and buzby's advice so far has been invaluable and I am 50/50 on what way to go with this. My only issue with going through with this is I cant prove I did not receive a letter or letters as it is something that someone just cant prove As I am looking at buying a house next year I think that in the end this will be the ultimate decider in going for it as I dont stand a chance of getting a mortgage with a CCJ hanging over me.
  7. So just to summarise, gwc1000 you think I SHOULD go for this and buzby you think I SHOULD NOT??
  8. Ah what a wonderful country we live in, guilty untill proven innocent and even then still shot in the foot with a bill for £65
  9. Ah but if they managed to persuade the DVLA that they were wrong in this case then they would withdraw their claim and the CCJ would be removed would it not???
  10. Thank you both for the info provided, as a matter of interest it is worth contacting an MP in relation to this as advised in the DVLA's "what to do when things go wrong" leaflet??
  11. Honestly mate I lived at the house for 25+ years only moving last year and I never recieved anything from either the DVLA or the court in relation to this case. Although the DVLA claimed to have sent me all of 2 letters asking for the tax on this, their only defence is that they have not had either of the letters returned as undeliverable. Plus I have read the other forum posts in relation to them messing up SORN notifications that have been sent to them via registered post and they have misplaced those letters so I feel I may be able to discredit this point in the claims court.
  12. Hi GWC, Thank you for your reply, The elapsed time asside do you think I would stand a chance under the circumstances of getting it set aside??
  13. Hi my name is Craig I am new to these forums having found them after looking on-line for help with an issue I am having with the DVLA. I owned a car (a Suzuki) in 2005 and had a road accident where that car was wrote off, as part of my insurance claim the insurance company demanded the log books advising me that they would update the ownership of the car. Ok so many years pass by and I tried for a loan with a few different companies (nothing large just £500) and was declined by all of them, so I decided to sign up to a credit referencing website to see what was happening, I was prese
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