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  1. It does give a feeling of empowerment, I agree. First came across this forum a few years back when I was fighting with a place called Welcome Finance, and it was life saver. The help I received was fantastic and I beat them! This time too the help has been quick, very clear (to a novice liek me!) and extremely helpful.
  2. I can understand though why people get so worried by these types of firms - they send out very official looking paperwork all tied up in legal jargon. I would imagine that the vast majority of people just pay up.
  3. It isn't quite - I posted on 22/11 & the received on 23/11 - so the 12 + 2 is up next Tuesday (I'm presuming weekends are included in the 12 days). I sent the CCA request to DLC but got my reply (as my orginal post, above) from Hillesden. To whom should i send my dispute letter? I'm guessing Hillesden?
  4. OK - I shall ignore thsi letter & file it away for referenece. At what point should I send an "account in dispute" letter?
  5. Many thanks to everyone for all the great advice given – very much appreciated. I have this morning received a letter (attached) from solicitors acting for Hillesden/DLC which suggest that they are pursuing legal routes despite them not yet supplying the information I have asked for & the account being in dispute. Can anybody suggest how I should respond to this letter please – do I need to reply or should I just ignore it? If I do need to reply, what do I say? Many thanks Aplins.pdf
  6. Many thanks for that Bazooka Boo - I shall sit tight until the 12 days have expired. Where will I find a "failed in dispute" letter please? Also, what is an S10 notice and at what point do I send them that?
  7. I have been in dispute with Black Horse Finance for some time now (for reasons that I don’t think I need to go into here) & they have now “sold” the debt on to DLC (Hillesden Securities), who have recently begun to chase me for payment. On 22nd of November I sent a CCA request using the template on this forum. It was received and signed for by DLC on 23rd. Today (2nd December) I have received the attached letter. I’m at a loss as I don’t really understand what this means. They seem to be saying that they can’t supply an agreement (having requested it from Black Horse apparently) but
  8. is there a standard letter template in existence we can use to claim under the A19 concession?
  9. Hi again - i sent the above letter a while ago now & today finally received a reply. Basically all they have sent me is a further copy of the 'application form' i posted earlier in this thread and then attached to that about five loose pages of 'terms and conditions' onto which they have simply printed my name & account number. Quite clearly these never formed part of the original paperwork but are rather just CapOnes T&C's that they have decided to end me, superinposed with my name, etc. What should i do now, as surely this is not what i have asked for or what they are obliged to
  10. hi - yes I did and i have posted their response.
  11. Without too much detail, I refused to pay some penalty charges for supposed 'late payments'. I didnt agree with them and told them so. Their attitude was 'pay up or else'. This went on for a while at which point it was passed to Capquest. I did a CCA request back in 2007 when Capquest first contacted me (and received no reply other than a 'we are dealing with your request' letter) and the trail went cold. I have no problem with a letter ping-pong, not at all. These people send out legal sounding letters with the hope of frightening people. Nice to be able to trump them by quoting the law ba
  12. OK - many thanks. I've attached the letter. I have never received anything from Capquest prevously other than the so-called agreement i posted previously. They make reference here to providing T&C's but I don't see how they can given that the document they allege is an agreement doesnt contain them. Also, is that correct that they don't have to remove data? Would relly appreciate advice on what i should do now please. capquest081009.pdf
  13. Reeceived a further letter in the mail last week in reply to the above. Will scan and post later today - should i post here or start a new thread?
  14. Many thanks for your replies. Really appreciated. I will write tomorrow. Thanks again.
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