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  1. Hi, thanks everyone for taking the time to help me. I have doubled checked and Lowells have changed the date of it. The default date Barclays put on is actually a year later after I paid any money into this account. I did write at the time in 2007 to explain my situation to Barclays and asked them to stop keeping adding charges as it was putting me further into debt, but they refused. On their refusal I wrote to them to say that if they wanted their money they would have to take me to court and that I would not be contacting them again regarding this. A couple of months laterr I had a letter to say that they had closed my account. I heard nothing for years until Lowells suddenly contacted me out of the blue. I dont own my own property and I'm currently on maternity leave, so they can try all they want. Also how do they get your email and telephone numbers? I'm ex directory and never give out my home telephone to companies. I have at least stopped them calling every 20 minutes. After getting fed up of answering only to hear a message I called them and gave them a piece of my mind and demanded that they take my number of their system.
  2. Thank you for taking the time to help me. They can chase all they want they wont get anything. What do I need to say to them? And what if they refuse to change the date?
  3. Hi all, hope I'm posting in the correct place? I need some help about an old debt with Barclays. I had just bee made redundant and explained this to Barclays at the time and asked the m not to put any more charges on my account as it was crippling me financially. They continued to add charges on to the tune of £530. Anyway I changed bank accounts and got myself sorted out again. I got a few letters demanding money from Barclays, but wrote back saying that I wasnt going to pay their unlawful charges and if they wanted their money they were going to have to take me to court. I heard nothing more untill.................................................... Several years later I had a letter from lowells demanding this money. I was getting several calls a day from them and despite blocking their calls they would use another number. Finally managed to get hold of them and gave them an ear bashing as I work nights and calls every 20 minutes in the day was continously waking me up. They have finally stopped calling thank god. However on checking my credit record today, which is 960, I have noticed that Lowells have added a default on this debt. Barclays had defaulted it on 25/06/2008 but now Lowells have put on a default on the same debt for 03/12/13. I dothey dont really understand about defaults but had thought that they drop of your file after 6 years. But surely if Lowells keep adding defaults this will stay on my file forever. Sorry for being long winded but can Lowells keep adding defaults?
  4. Thanks what a brillant idea. I had not thought of that.
  5. Thanks for this, we were promised a really good coverage. We already had a 3 contract phone and they called us about broadband. When we asked about coverage we were told it was really good. It was good but then all of a sudden we had nothing as did our friends. How would we find if they had closed or moved a base station?
  6. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help. We took out a contract mobile broadband (18 months) with 3 last october 2008. For the first few months it worked ok but now we cannot get a signal, so for the past few months have not been able to use it. Speaking to our friends who also have 3 they too can no longer get a signal either. We called 3 who said tough you are in a contract. We are still paying but wondered if we had any rights here.
  7. Thanks for this, just to put my mid at rest. I did wonder how on earth there could be any activity on my account when I had been told it was suspended. No need to worry about them calling us now as we changed our number and went ex directory as they were hounding us. I just hope other people read this to realise its a [problem].
  8. I have been in dispute with Lloyds bank for a while who passed my details on to Robinson Way. I wrote to them advisining I would only deal with them in writing. This morning I received a letter from them saying security message all the way around the border. The letter states that recent transactions on my account are giving them cause for concern and to contact them immediately. Am I correct in thinking that this is a very under hand way of getting me to contact them as I have in writing from lloyds that my credit card account had been suspended. Thanks in adavnce.
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