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  1. Thanks DX, I will do as you suggest. Strangely though in my last letter which this is the response for - I did explain I had referred it to the FOS and included the reference number, so they know that I have referred to them. I will now write again with the SAR and mention that it is on the advise of the FOS that I have sent it, and that they have requested that I let them know details of what I am sent back. The most disappointing bit of this is where he suggests a way to move forward, I thought they may actually be reasonable at that point!
  2. So a summary of where I am at with this, any advice would be appreciated. 1. I wrote to SAntander regarding a loan I had with A & L that I definitely paid PPI on (Dec 16). 2. They replied saying that they can't find any details and that I would have to provide more details, I called to discuss and was told that they would have details of loans from that period but they would be in paper archives and too difficult to locate (Jan 17). 3. I write to them with exact details of the dates and loan amount, including repayment details (May 17). 4. They write to say that they s
  3. Hi, Yes santander bought out A & L so they are the ones to pursue a PPI claim against A & L with. Cheers Gary
  4. Thanks dx; that will be my next move if they still can't find it.
  5. Hi guys, Update on this. I did the SAR to Natwest and have been sent bank statements that show the loan from Alliance and Leicester going in; have sent Santander another letter with the date of loan and the correct amount etc. I will do a SAR to santander if they don't come back with anything, thought when I queried SAntander saying they couldn't find any information on the A & L loan I was told that they would have it somewhere but in paper archives and they are unable to go through them all to find the information. I am awaiting their response from my
  6. HI Maroon & dx. I actually didn't send a SAR to either organisation, though in the case of Santander I did give them details of my old address. Perhaps it would be worth my while sending the SAR's to both of these? (And also Egg C/O Citibank that I recently send the PPI document to for an old egg loan/credit card from the same period.) Just shows the importance of retaining documents to do with loans etc as I'm sure if I still had the documents or at least account details I would find this all a much simpler process! When sending a SAR do I need to make it clear that I want
  7. Hi guys, I have recently contacted Santander regarding an alliance and leciester loan which was taken out about 2004. I have had a response saying that they are unable to locate an account, product, or PPI policy based on the information provided and as such they will not be upholding the complaint. As my own memory of the loan is sketchy other than the amount and the fact that I did pay PPI (I was told at the time my application would likely be unsuccesful without taking PPI); I was wondering if there is any other way I may find details. I have no paperwork left to
  8. Yeah they have wrote to me a few times, i ignore all correspondence, but the reason i put the thread up is that I can't believe its allowed that they can send an email tol a generic work email address with my personal information on the email.
  9. Thank you, anymore advice very welcome, I may report it to the ico then?
  10. Surely this is a breach of Data protection? that is what i am thinking? With regards the amount owed, I borrowed £100 off minicredit years ago, and now it is somehow 950ish, I have never had a breakdown of how the amount has ballooned!
  11. Hi, no I have never given them any company email address, though perhaps gave the company name as the name of my employer, the email address they have had and used in the past was a personal one. The email was as follows: Our Ref: XXXXXXXX Debt Type: KAXXXMA CRXXIT Client Ref: OPXXXXXX Balance: £950 Telephone: 0XXXXXXXXXX (Calls are recorded) Failure to respond to our Notice of Intent Dear Mr XXXXXX XXXX As you are aware the 7 day Notice of Inte
  12. A debt collection agency has sent an email regarding an unpaid payday loan to a generic work email address (info@xxxxxx.com) - I am a director of the company but these emails do not go to me, so have now probably been read by quite a few members of my staff before someone forwarded it to me, The email contains my personal details, as well as details of the outstanding amount £985 (the loan was £100!) - surely they cannot send details of all this to a generic email address at my company?! Anybody got any ideas how I should deal with this please?
  13. HIya, Yeah I have spoken to them and they have now found the payment (You are right it was sent whilst the payment was missing). But so far they seem unwilling to budge, apparently they are applying for the warrant at 5pm tomorrow so she has said for me to ring her tomorrow with a proposal for for clearing the arrears (It seems that the rent + £30pw isnt enough though it is alls that I can afford). I think she wants me to reduce the balance before they would accept that proposal but the problem I have is that in reducing the 2k arrears it would mean lending money which I'd then have to pay bac
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