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  1. This morning after letting Lloyds' internal colectors know of my health issues again, and pointing out about the Statute Barred matter, I've got a yellow Formal Demand from a Glasgow address. They're continuing to ignore what I say and not answer queries. Should I see this as their hope that I'm going to take out a loan and pay something? Should I ignore it? I've made it clear that I have the minimum amount the law says I need to live on (less in my opinion, and less than I may for health reasons be entitled to). I am curious as to what they would say if I asked verbally where the mon
  2. I see that 22 people have read my post. Can you let me know if I've not given enough detail or something as I would really like to get good advice on this and get things moving for my mum. Thanks.
  3. This pertains to my mother's debt with Capital One, which is entirely made up of charges. This is my biological mother, who I traced six years ago; whenever I visit I do feel quite distressed by the loans men coming on the door and other signs of struggling. Her health is bad, with terrible back pain, arthritis and mental health troubles. She is not very confident and has caved in to demands for some payments from time to time, but is literally unable to spare a penny at times. I have my own trouble with Lloyds, and no one is able to help her in the family. I asked how much she owes,
  4. Thanks for further remarks there - the bolstering is certainly appreciated as much as the advice. It certainly would be nice ot actually claim that sort of money from Lloyds but the overdraft was generated through living expenses, in part of course because of the meagre amount I live on. Just unfortunate for me that I had access to that overdraft and hadn't forseen not being able to manage it. Even so, having learnt more of my rights and of the tiny amount of ethical sense that tallies up with law, Lloyds won't be getting anything from me. I have thought about applying for DLA some
  5. Yes, it's Lloyds' internal rottweilers 'BLS' - what a load of old flannel. I don't know whether that'll get passed on to a non-pretend one with louder bark but I'm sort of well-rehearsed because of earlier hassle with the Student Loans company - their cock up led to no fewer than five debt collectors contacting me and then giving up. Now the letter's turned up I'll get a reply off, at my leisure in the next few days - if they can't make a civil attempt to communicate I'm not going to rush.
  6. Cheers for that, I'll follow your advice about not calling them - gets my ear-hole that I'm expected ot fund a call in the first place really. At present I can't find their letter so I will have to wait till they write again if it doesn't show up. The charges are the ones for as they regard it 'unauthorised overdraft', laughably enough, so I don't need for them to account for it, it's just part of their crazy logic. I will send them a medley of two of the standard letters here, one about statute barred debts and the one prohibiting a visit. I'd feel a lot better if Lloyds had left
  7. The current state of this is that I ended up going into the bank and ringing from one of their rooms to the supposed relevant department. Everything that was said seems to have disapeared into smoke. Debt collector's are now dealing with it, who;ve mentioned a visit. They ask me to ring. The amount has gone from £800-odd to £1300. I'm not too worried, because it's absolutely mad. If this is allowed and protected by law then we're in an entirely psychotic world. I am going to write an impatient letter in biro with angry underlinings of the main points and send it to the debt collectors. Ll
  8. Thanks Mrs E Blackadder (nice - I was Dolly Hitler on another forum). Yes, no trouble getting out of bed in sunny weather right now but I will be back to that battle in a month or two. Principles are involved too - it took so long to get mental health issues treated in a civil way in the world that we can't concede about it now. I will look in a few times today and tomorrow to see what else is said. Ta.
  9. Great, this is sounding good, partly because of no worry about bailiff. At least I can use the term 'statute barred' now in letters too, hopefully they'll start to get deterred. Though I didn't hear from them for five years, the debt is seven or eight years old in total. Anyway, thanks, very encouraging, any further words from anyone are welcome.
  10. I was £800 overdrawn with Lloyds about eight years ago after having been a student. I have mental health troubles, am on benefits, a minimal amount, about £85 a week, which oftens runs out a bit soon involving eating out of tins or fasting. We went into a series of letters back then (2002-ish) which at one point meant I was paying £1 a month, before I was advised by legal people using another similar forum that being on the minimum amount the law says I need to live on I could forego even the pound, a daft and meaningless arrangement anyway, given how long the £800 would take to pay off. The l
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