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  1. i've been getting a lot of letters from DCA, I went off the rails about 18 months ago after a breakdown. I went on some what a blur which i am not proud of! I took a load of pay day loans, maxed credit cards, overdrafts loans. I would say over 10,000 in total - not all at once. I got my self sorted out and after 6 months i tried contacting some of them offering payment plans, a total of 9 creditors which i could spare 200 a month. Most of them wanted more and would not stop the interest so my payments wouldn't go anywhere. I said i'll got to CAB and they said fine. After a month or so, i went through a debt relief company and they tried again they would not freeze anything and my payments would go no where. I told them to stick it and i've returned most of the post unopened. All the way through this i have been doing some research. DCA don't have the power to do anything, they can send who ever they like to the house but again they can't do anything unless informed by law. You can revoke any invite to your property so they can be done of trespassing. The biggest find was debt being sold, they act on the law of property 1925. However, they still don't have a leg to stand on and they will keep pushing you to make a new agreement with them which is then legally binding. In T&C's it does state that the creditor may pass your debt to a DCA to chase this... "pass" is the key word. For credit consumer rights act, there is no agreement between you and the purchaser of the debt. no signed contract, this does not always have to be the case but you have never agreed anything with that company or companies, no T&C's and all 3 parties need to have an interest in the debt \what you will find on your credit report is that the original debt has been paid so they no longer hold an interest in you. I have a lot of letters i have already used, if anyone would like me to post them i will
  2. Thanks mate, thats kinda rings true. they use crafty tatics and numbers to draw you in. I might bite the bullet and pay it off. looking at the agreement they have charged me intrest on the acceptance fee as well the cheeky so and so's.
  3. Hi Peeps, am a newy and don't know where to put this but I took out a loan last year (12 months ago) for 2500, I pay 123.00 p/m over 3 years and thought that I need rid of these clowns. when i did the agreement they said something like 3.5%, but looking over the agreement its 47.5% I called and asked for a settlement and they said i need to put in writing so ask what i would be looking at and he said he can't say so told 1 year in to a 3 year agreement, he said that would not have paid the intrest off. Is this right, any advice for me, i dont have any PPI cover said no all added extra's
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