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  1. Thankyou Vodafone. I have contacted your web people and we are in an ongoing discussion, not much luck so far, but I hope that you are a reasonable company and that we will reach an agreement. In the meantime, a friend of mine who is a producer for the BBC would like to hear from anybody who has been a victim of similar circumstances. She is putting together a series called "the hidden cost of crime" about victims of crime who then go on to become victims of companies. If she gets enough response then one episode could well cover mobile phone companies profiting from mobile phone crime. I
  2. So they reckon there is no unauthorised call cover, even though their website says that there is such cover: Vodafone What's covered After being pushed 4 or 5 times between the insurance people and vodafone I am going to try contacting their web team. They offered a good will gesture of £40!
  3. So far I have spoken to the insurance people who were very helpful, polite and handled the claim pretty much instantly once I had the crime reference number. New handset will be here tomorrow and some of the bill is covered by their unauthorised call insurance. So as far as the vodaphone insurance goes, big thumbs up.
  4. I only moved down one floor in the same building, so I had no reason to even believe the phone was outside the building
  5. Thanks Buzby. The SIM was indeed PIN protected, clearly, they managed to keep the device powered up. Not that hard to do. I agree with you about the usage restriction, however, I believe that all companies have a duty of care toward their customers and allowing activity that is clearly abusive to continue is at best not fulfilling their duty of care and at worst, negligent in the extreme. I have already spoken to the insurance people; I went to the police and have obtained the crime reference number. I am sure that Vodafone are a decent company, with ethical and customer oriented poli
  6. Thankyou Locutus, I'll contact them tomorrow. In the meantime, I have to wonder how it ever managed to get to £3000! In the past when I have gone over a certain ammount my phone has been blocked pending a call (from me) to them to confirm that all was well. Now I can imagine a bill getting upto a few hundred pounds, but £3000 is just crazy I happen to work in the mobile telecomms industry and whilst billing system can be very complex, even complex messy systems, with some thought, can do something like this. To be honest I am still in shock, not helped by the quite increadiably ins
  7. Hi all, I just received a £3000 phone bill from Vodaphone! The phone was stolen and reported about two weeks prior to the bill being received. Clearly the calls were made before this time. We'd just moved house and thought the phone was lost amongst the stuff, and it never rang when called. Eventually after a week or so I thought it must be lost and reported it stolen when a friend called the phone and somebody answered it! I am shocked that vodaphone would allow such a huge bill to be run up when the bill has never been more then 50 or 60 pounds. To add to this, when I called about
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