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  1. I agree that paying the correct amount would be best and seems like common sense. However in a strict legal sense do I need to get them to agree to my calculations before I can settle up and change supplier would you think? Thanks for your quick replies by the way.
  2. Hi, I have moved into a new property and have just received my first electricity and gas bill from the utility warehouse. It wildly over-estimates my usage since moving in. I rang to give accurate meter readings and asked for a re-calculated bill. I was told they could not do this but I would be in credit to the company after paying the estimated bill (luckily I have not set up a direct debit). I do not want to do this as they would want to charge me £89.28 and the bill should be £47.26. I have written to the customer services manager asking this to be recitified and have said I will not pay the bill till it is adjusted. Can anybody tell me if I have any option but to pay the bill if they refuse to adjust it? cheers Olly
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