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  1. Thanks Ruprecht, we've been offered mainstream mortgages again, but only after the CCJ has gone i.e. some of the mainstream are fine about the bankruptcy since it's over 3 years since the discharge. I've found this whole thing frustrating as no-one seems to know the answer to the questions around 'IF I get the case re-heard and lose again, do I get another month to settle & clear the CCJ off the records, and if not, will it sit on file for another 6 years as a new date but with the old status?). I'll just have to keep hunting I guess as I'm willing to pay the extra £75 if it means I can either win or pay the £100 straight away and the £60 fee to wipe it off, as in both events I get it cleared from my records and I then have a fully settled and clean file....and only waiting until Jan 2011. Many thanks for all your input though.
  2. Hi there, my terminology was wrong re: SORN but the basics are: The car was notified as not owned by me, but is apparently still under my ownership, although they've never chased me for any following years. The court case took place without my knowledge and despite the response I made to the DVLA - apparently it was an automatic case without any representation - I've also never been chased for the £100 fine. The base level question was 'Could I get the case heard again?' and if I do get it heard again and lose, do I get another month in which to pay the fine and thus clear my CCJ?..there seems to be a big difference of opinon on this, with some agreeing with Ruprecht, and others not. If I try to get it set-aside for a re-hearing, what possible penalties could I get...I had read that I could be found to be in contempt and may face a short custodial sentence!?...seems a bit harsh.
  3. Firstly I need to say a big thank you to anyone willing to assist on this post, as I really need to know whether it is worh me taking chance on the date of the CCJ being changed to a later date. My base level choice is: 1) Pay the £100, get it marked as 'Settled' and watch the CCJ disappear from my credit file in June 2011 or 2) Pay £75, challenge the case as I was never able to defend it and hope I win on appeal.... ....but my concern is that if I take the callenge option and lose, will this then affect the date of the CCJ on my credit file and thus delay it being cleared for another 6 years?....I can't afford for this to happen. The facts of the case.... In August 2004 my old N reg Rover 820 blew up on the M4 and had to be put down. I sold it to a private trader for parts and the SORN was sent. In December 2004 I got a brand new Jaguar X' Type company car as I couldn't afford/or even get another loan. In January 2005 I was made bankrupt - relevant to later information In May/June 1005 (after working away a lot), I received a snotty 'Sort it out & pay a fine' letter from the DVLA In June......in response to this letter I sent back a response stating that I had sent the form, do not have any paperwork remaining on the vehicle and do not accept the fine.....also pointing out that I had a brand new company car and my property was fully available to inspection and that even neighbours could confirm the approximate date of the removal of the car - bit of an eyesore for about 4 weeks. In July/August I received notice of an automatic judgement (never received any notification as I believe it was an automatic judgement as I hadn't responded to the case against me. When I phoned the court they gave me 2 choices........Now the hard part..... ......my wife then had severe difficulties with a pregancy, we lost the baby, and coming so soon after the bankruptcy we had marital problems and split for a short while, whilst trying to reconcile. ....whilst this may be hard to believe for some, as a result of this I totally forgot about the judgement, probably not helped by too much sadness induced alcohol participation during the temporary split. Current Day: I started a big credit file clean up recently as all the old bankruptcy related agreements were still showing as open balances, but also found this CCJ........sad to say, I didn't even remember I had it until prompted during an enquiry phone call to the court. I really want to challenge this but also don't want to further extend any issues on my credit file. ....Can anyone help with any advice for me please? Please note that I am on the road for a couple of days and may not get any internet access until I'm home, so please don't think I'm rude if I don't acknowledge any responses immediately. THANK YOU!!
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