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  1. i have given them the bankrupcy number on 4 seperate occasions and even included where it took place, which office, etc. i think further contact would result in me wanting to pull more of my own hair out and/or taking a train to scotland and throwing large vats of haggis at these people.
  2. thanks tootles. you interrupted my angry typing letter back face:) i will talk to my husband about if he wants to waste the postage on telling these people they are wastes of space or taking said high road. i cant get over how amazing cag is!
  3. i thought another posting was trying to discern the whole 6 years thing...ie debt collectors can collect on a debt that old. thanks hippie. that was just as i expected. so would the best thing to do be in writing them a letter stating we have given them the information necessary to show that he declared bankrupcy and it isnt my fault they cant read...rudeness aside...seriously i dont feel comfortable in giving them my husbands bankrupcy order. am i wrong in this?
  4. he declared bankrupcy in 2008 so i would imagine the debt is from 2007/2008 so less than 6 years unfortunately.
  5. I hope I didn't post this in the wrong place. I did see other topics for PD but didn't want to intrude on others topics. Concise summary= we get calls and the usual notice poop from PD regarding a debt which my husband declared on his bankrupcy some years ago (fewer than 6). Although the debt amount is different to the original amount which he declared in the bankrupcy we assume it was from our old property and made after we moved house. I would naturally assume as he named the company in his bankrupcy (Eon) this amount is not owed and PD are fishing for old debts. I sent them the templa
  6. thanks strawdog. i appreciate it:) and i am a she;) i came here seeking information (rather than advice as i have read a substantial amount of information about the g24 fraudsters) and do not appreciate the childish comments about personal issues about my character or my profession. last post for me...thanks again strawdog. nice to see a shepard amongst the ever so young sheep8-)
  7. i do not believe that my literacy should be under question here. obviously i read the letter rather well i and obviously i understand the 'advice' you have given. however i actually asked if anyone had any personal experience with DWF. since you do not seem to dx please refrain from commenting again as i have found your previous postings asinine, impudent and rather irrelevant to the specific nature of my query
  8. Being from a legal background there is a bit of blind panic when seeing a letter from a real law firm (as opposed to 'cubicle number 2 at the g24 office') hence my post. as there are already several g24 threads i figured tagging onto another similar one would make more sense;) now if anyone could give me USEFUL advice concerning the firm DWF when concerning g24 i would be grateful:). i figure i will recieve a couple of further letters threatening legal action and have that be that...the past couple of months of letters have been annoying and psychologically upsetting to my family and i.
  9. i have been reading the consumer advice and other forums regarding G24 for the past weeks. they have sent us many letters and i am well aware of the debt collection agency they are using being another leg of their 'company' and have disregarded all ridiculous letters which clearly have no legality until now...i have gotten a letter from a law firm in leeds which i believe to be genuine (dwf in leeds) anyone have any knowledge on this firm in particular? should i continue to ignore? thanks for any advice in advance
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