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  1. Yes, I am very disappointed with the solicitor. He told me he knew a man that worked at the prosecutions department but after I transferred the money to the solicitors' account I received the news that the man was not working there anymore! I am talking about a very famous solicitor that is often seen in the newspapers and on the BBC news. he only deals with huge cases but because I am a friend of a friend he decided to take my case on as a special favour and for a special fee... I cant stand to look at his face on tv anymore I would never treat my clients the way he treated me, that's somet
  2. Hi All, I will finally be able to post the outcome of my situation. Please note that if you were caught in a bus it is better to check the following website: lostlondonlawstudent Re my situation, all started in August 2009. In October received TFL’s 1st letter requesting my version of events. After researching online and with the prospects of a criminal record I panicked and decided to instruct a solicitor. à In my case this proved to be a waste of time and money. The solicitor replied to TFL’s 1st letter. A letter of apology was sent to them plus reference letters, a r
  3. Hi there, Agree with Old-CodJA. Wait for the letter to arrive, I know you must be really worried but there is not much you can do at this stage. If you are not contacted within 6 months from the date of the incident it is very unlikely that a prosecution will be initiated against you. So it is better to wait, do not contact them. If it is a 1st time offence I can assure you that you will be ok! I am and I was very scared at first, same as you or even worse! Best wishes, Rosa
  4. Hi there, I just replied to your message. Yes, my inbox is always full with emails of people in the same situation. It is crazy! Some people are really nice and appreciate my advice and my time and always come back to thank me or let me know how things are going, others just take the advice and don't even bother to thank me! thankfully, the majority is nice. I cleared the inbox. You can try now.
  5. Hi there, Yes, I've just replied. Sry 4 the late reply but I have loads of emails sent to my inbox everyday and I try to answer all of them as quick as I can.
  6. Hi There, Believe it or not I am still waiting!!! Loooong Story! I will write a final post when the story is over. If you want to discuss this matter further send me a private message. Let me know what happened and when. I'll try to do my best to help you.
  7. Hi moral, I am still waiting to solve my problem. It takes a while! Your situation is not as bad as mine as I was caught using a freedom pass!!! Wait until you receive any correspondence from London Underground. They will give you a chance to reply to their letter and explain what happened. re £1000 I think you don't have to worry about this if it is your first offence. if you are not successful and you are prosecuted you will end up with a criminal record. There are a lot of threads about this if you want to have a look. Wait until you receive the letter, believe me there is
  8. I'll try to call them, not sure what to say really. I was using a freedom pass that was not mine! I'll try but I am sure I will not get away with it. Your situation can happen as TFL knows that the system and oyster card readers are sometimes faulty, so I suppose that is acceptable. I used a Freedom Pass that was not mine, so the "offence" committed as no excuse I guess...
  9. Hi Missylow, Thanks for your message & support. Could you please let me know if you sent any evidence with the letter you sent them to support everything you said or you just sent a letter explaining the situation. thank you.
  10. Hi Guys, I hope you are all well. After 2 months I received LU's letter. It states the following: "On (day) at (time) an incident took place at x tube station whereby you were spoken to by a member of London Underground staff regarding your train journey and the associated fare. The facts of this incident are now being considered and I must advise you that legal proceedings may be initiated against you regarding this matter in accordance with the London Underground prosecution policy. If you have any comments to make regarding this incident please write them on the rever
  11. Hi there! Do you have any idea of the procedure to follow re underground (Tube)? and people that were caught with other person's freedom pass? Thank you in advance.
  12. Thanks guys for all your help. Let's see what's going to happen... :?
  13. Undergound, I suppose you are right. I'm going to wait for the letter. There is not much I can do now, apart from thinking about it everyday and wishing to go back in time...
  14. I am fully aware of the reality of my situation. That is why I registered with the Consumer Forum for help and I am super stressed. I am not asking help in order to avoid paying for my stupid mistake I just do not want to have a criminal record. I Know I've made a big mistake and I should be punished for it but I think that a criminal record is a bit disproportionate. If I was rich or had good lawyers like Kate Moss, Pete Doherty or even the killers of Holly and Jessica or Jamie Bulger I would not be in this situation! I would be protected by the police and be able to continue with my life.
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