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  1. Mmm. now thats a good idea.
  2. YES!!! The original charges, caused by Lowells attempts, have now been returned to my daughter. YIPEE!!!!! Now we are going to go for the rest of the charges she has had since then, which wouldn't have happened if they had not made her overdrawn iin the first place, and we might even try for compensation because she had to get a loan out. I just hope Lowells get dragged through the courts for all their low handed ways.
  3. Latest news...Lowells have paid back the one DD they managed to take from my daughters bank so that as good as proves they shouldn't have taken it in the first place. So, we hope to hear from the bank in the very near future about a refund of all the charges they have made, and hopefully Lowells will get their just desserts and be done for fraud. :o)
  4. Hi everyone. Sorry I have'nt been back for a while. A quick update...Lowell Portfolio had set up 5 (yes FIVE) DD's on my daughters account, and tried to take the money several times over the space of a few days. Why the bank didn't think this was rather strange considering my daughter has very little money, I really don't know. The case is now in the hands of the banks fraud department and they say the police will be informed also. In the meantime (which is turning out to be a very long meantime) the bank continue to take massive charges from my daughters bank account, due to the fact th
  5. Thank you all for all your support and advice. Feel a bit better now . I will keep you posted as to what happens. We are certainly not going to let this rest, it is just so disgraceful, especially as the bulk of the money that goes into my daughters bank, and has been taken in charges, is officially my 6 year old grandsons money (his DLA). Thanks again. Pam x
  6. Hi again I will check some more details tomorrow and let you know but as I understand it, she has never paid them anything, she just ignored them. By what I can tell, from what the bank have said so far, they presumably don't have a copy of a mandate, otherwise I would have thought they would say they have proof that she set up a DD, rather than saying they can't prove she didn't (if you see what I mean), it's all very confusing . I don't know much about how these things work either but I am beginning to think that they work in whichever way the bank wants them to work at the time.
  7. Hi all My daughter has a couple of debts with catalogue companies, she got things for my grandson for Christmas but then failed to keep up with the payments (I've already given her a serious talking to about this). Lowell have sent her some letters asking for payment. I think she has ignored them on the whole (another serious talking to from me). She has never given Lowell Portfolio permission to take money from her bank, thats for sure. I don't know how they got her bank details, thats one of the mysteries in all this. She has already contacted DWP and they are sending my
  8. A bit of background first - My daughter is a single parent who has a 6 year old son with disabilities. He receives DLA and she receives Carers Allowance. He does not attend school at present because of his disabilities so she is educating him at home. The only income is their benefits. My daughter recently discovered that her bank account was nearly £400 overdrawn, when it should not have been overdrawn at all. She went into the bank and found out that this was because of bank changes, which had all been taken out in one big lump. It seems that a company called Lowell Portfolio tried
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