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  1. Hi to all you good people out there, I have a problem and I need some advice. Best to start at the begining..... In 2009 my wife and myself went to court to be declared bancrupt, LloydsTSB had made our lives a living hell so we really had no option and we lost everything, our home, business and our marriage. We were both discharged a few months later and rather nievely thought that we could now start to rebuild our lives. Cut forward to last night and watching Martin Lewis on ITV talking about credit ratings how it was a good idea to check your own, so following Mr Lewis' advice I we
  2. Hi Tazman1974, i'm glad that you found going bankcrupt isn't nearly as bad as you thought it would be beforehand, it is a huge relief once you step outside the court house with your bankcruptcy order in your hand and sudenly all the worry and stress seems to just disapear. Well done and enjoy your new found freedom!
  3. hi Dell109, i'm not an expert but i will pass on to you what i was told by the judge who dealt with our bankcruptcy. "from the moment the bankcruptcy order is made no creditor can pursue you any longer for monies owed (there are exceptions such as court fines, council tax, student loans and utility bills etc), also if you have forgoten to list all your creditors the bankcruptcy order applies to them as well." my advice would be if you've got debts that your are disputing, don't bother to continue fighting them just list them with the rest of your creditors when you complete your forms and i'd
  4. hi Aussiechick, thanks for your post, don't worry about going bankcrupt, it really isn't as bad as you may think, my only regret is that i didn't do it a hell of a lot sooner, instead we put ourselves under a lot more stress and hardship than was necessary and the only ones who benifited from it was the bank! We were discharged after seven months and it really hasn't affected our lives in a negative way at all, so my advice would be go and do it and put an end to your misery, the sooner you do it the sooner you get your life back, also don't be frightend about the OR interview we did ours over
  5. Hi mlore, studio cards are in the wrong, i went bankcrupt today and the judge told me that if creditors get in touch with you once the order has been made, all your obliged to do is to tell them your order number and to get in touch with your OR, after that you don't have to do anything. i'd speak to your OR again and see what they advise (hopefully they'll get in touch with studio and give 'em a good rolocking, after all there now in charge of your debts not you) otherwise speak to trading standards or the CAB and see what they have to say. i'm not an expert but i hope this helps and i'm sure
  6. thanks for your post phat256, what you discribed was exactly how i thought it was going to be! i really thought the judge was going to give us a hard time of it and it would be horrible, but it couldn't have been further from the truth, all the staff we had contact with at the court were very helpful and courteous just like you said! and the judge was very understanding, he explained why the BR had to be published in the paper, and that it really wasn't a form of punishment but a way of stoping any one else coming forward after the BR and demanding money, if they didn't get in touch with the O
  7. debtinfo thanks for your advice, it was a great help, and the judge echoed what you said about house hold goods, that unless thier worth an awful lot of money the OR isn't intrest, to quote the judge "he's not intersted in selling second hand goods, and he's not a used car salesman!" in fact he thought it was very unlikely that OR would bother coming to see what we have as we rent our home, so that was a big relieve, its not that we've got anything to hide, because we've got sweet F.A. any way, but stuff thats personal like books my late father gave me would just be heart breaking to lose. Sti
  8. hello to everyone who has posted since my last message, well went to the courts today, and yes ginas1401, you were right about the amount of mental torture you put yourself through, it's unreal and the guilt and preasure that your creditors heap on is just cruel. I'm so glad we finally went and did the deed, its a huge weight off our shoulders and we're looking forward to actually sleeping again, the whole process at the courts was very straight forward, took the required documents in, swore the oath with the clerk, paid the fees, waited to see the district judge, who was very kind and sympath
  9. after much procrastinating, my wife and myself are going to court tomorrow to become bankcrupt, i've filled the forms in, we've borrowed the money from family and its time to bring this mess to an end. my only solace after loosing everything is know the bank are going to lose out as well!
  10. thanks for sharing gordonb, the wife and i are of to court tomorrow to declaire ourselves bt, so the information you have given has been a great help.
  11. no i don't think it's on the degree course lol i think it's just a god given gift that half of them have. the other half are just lobotamised to remove any morales they had!
  12. thanks cerberusalert, i've copied the letter and will send it to them, it just makes your blood boil, they love to quote the law and use it to beat you over the head with, but as soon as you say enough is a enough they don't like it, it some times feels like i'm back at primary school in the playground fighting with the bullys again, it just makes me sick!
  13. hi, i don't know if anyone can help me, but i wrote to lloyds requesting a copy of my credit card agreement this week, which they rec'd on wednesday. to day i've rec'd a letter from them with a copy of the current terms and conditions, the balance and basically told to get lost because they feel they don't have to provide me with a copy of my original agreement with my signature on it, citing section 63 cca and section 180 of the consumer credit (cancellation notices and copies of documents) regulations 1983 as only having to provide the details of the agreement not a copy of the original.
  14. this is all very intresting stuff, i'm going to try and work out how much the little darlings at lloyds have had out of me and see if i can get it back.
  15. hello danyboy381, thanks for the offer, i might well take you up on that offer a bit latter on, its been very intresting reading every ones exp of dealing with creditors, i was starting to think i was the only one talking to a brickwall! the bank have been truly awful and bk realy is the only option open to us now.
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