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  1. Hi all, This is quite an old issue, which I am able to address now. Approximately in 2002-2004 I opened a student account with Natwest Bank. Due to family issues and student debts, this account became essentially dormant not long after it was opened. This shouldn't necessarily be a problem, however there was an outstanding overdraft on the account. I have retained this overdraft following bouts of employment where i've been able to repay some of it, often setting up monthly direct debits of £40-50 - turning an overdraft of around £1600 to a now £800. Having examined some
  2. Hi all, quick question - a 4yr + balloon PCP contract was signed about 5 months ago on a new vehicle which has had numerous issues, and culminated in a long drawn out 'falling out' between myself, main BMW dealer and BMW UK. Vehicle total cost: £38k. I have requested a replacement vehicle, and they are dragging their heels wherever possible - this is not unrealistic of me as replacement vehicles have been issued to other people of lesser and greater cars than mine. I have also instructed the Finance company of these issues and they have attempted 'fighting my corner' (still waitin
  3. OK bit of an update - as expected, issues were attempted to be padded down by retailer and BMW UK ("this complies with our current standard" and "Black is worse than white for showing this, and you picked Black, so that's it"). As the car was taken over finance, PCP, where do I stand with cancelling my policy? FYI, the finance company are currently involved with BMW as I have now cancelled my direct debits based on this and informed them I was doing so. Following several meetings with Managers at my dealership, they offered me a discounted price of a £4-8k respray which will involve di
  4. Mobile Phones Direct caved in as the £61.89 they owed me was cheaper than a lawsuit for their legal team. They are a relatively small firm so cannot afford big things like that. Phones4U/DialAPhone are still ongoing with me...
  5. Email reply from Dial-A-Phone (big sum - £240 combined):
  6. Both letters dispatched to customer services departments (only addresses I could get) for DialAPhone and for Mobile Phones Direct. Now the waiting game..
  7. I have involved the dealership now - 1. They have agreed to replace 2 alloys + exhaust (PENDING THEIR OWN INSPECTION - i.e. I leave it there for a few days). 2. They are not budging on the paint, so have called upon a heavy hitter Paint Manager from BMW UK to come to the dealership to 'take a look'. (i.e. tell me it is fine by his standards). My questions now are... 1. Can I reject the car as not fit for the price £37k? 2. Instead of #1, can I refuse to pay the monthly premium to BMW Finance, informing BMW Finance why? (do I leave the car @ BMW, or take it and then ref
  8. Roger that! With baited breath I will await their feedback - if they do actually choose to. One company was for £63 total (Mobile Phones Direct - inclusive of my personal £10 for time/expenses) and the other for £240 (was same company - dial-a-phone). Watch this space...
  9. Thanks - have edited and will send tomorrow. Which out of Recorded or Special Delivery would you recommend?
  10. Will this letter be OK - just knocked it up now...!
  11. Hi, yes - those figures were generated by the Spreadsheet
  12. Cumulative totals... £108.77 £26.86 £82.69 Total: £218.32 Now for the letter draft... !!!
  13. I've got Barclays to send me out my full statements from 2008 to present so this will form the basis of the cost refunds... ... will keep this thread updated once I get access to this information and begin the talks
  14. Thanks very much - i'll need to get a full account print out from Barclays with which to take photocopies as proof (keeps me organised too). Out of interest, they appeared to be sold as 'FREE INSURANCE' - checking out my invoices. But there was never any disclosure as to fees. Assumingly that the 'free' bit was a week/month.
  15. Thanks for your fast response - when you said the 'third one' did you mean the 3rd Spreadsheet or only the third insurance charge above? If only the 3rd one, why do you think the 1st and 2nd aren't viable? (genuinely curious!). Thanks
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