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  1. I have just returned from court and after using all the templates advised on here a judgement has been made against me. A stay was lifted and the judge struck out my defence of 'Hilsdean' buying a debt when still in dispute with Black Horse, not providing the agreement within the time allowed for a request and even after I provided them with notice of my dispute - the judge even decided to award advocate costs because DLC had given me plenty of time to resolve the debt with them and even though it was signed in 2005 he denied that it was cancellable for those factors as the
  2. Judge just siad he was dismissing and they should feel lucky no counter claim was submitted....he advised their solicitor they could appeal but to think about that very carefully and no mention of costs?
  3. I should now sue and put them through the same cr*p!!!!!
  4. The case was dismissed today. After all that the judge actually said I didn't owe nothing because the insurance company offered the original credit company an amount and they accepted it by bankingbthe cheque as full settlement of the HP agreement. He also said it was unfortunate I hadn't made a counter claim as I had in the first case but certainly the 500 I have paid them should not have been paid. Anyway.....its over and thanks to this judge. Thank you for everyone who helped me and gave me the confidence to defend this.
  5. I am in court on Wednesday.......do I use the argument of estoppel with the judge then in a skeleton brief on the day? any help please!
  6. This is a quick one if anyone can help. I have completed the form for my expenses to go to tribunal and have now found out today that an agency I applied to work had received a phone call on 24 Feb from employed to retract my reference. Just to clarify, I gave notice, no investigation had started before I left or I presume during my notice period as I was given the reference? I left with a letter from employed saying no further action against me and guaranteed reference (in writing). They have now retracted reference after I have left and totally disregarded terms of my resignation. I hav
  7. Can anyone advise please? Should I contact their legal person and arrange payments as can't afford a CCJ against my name....?
  8. Still feeling sick as a chip....apparently employed has now sent an email to all staff in the area to not contact me, my partner or family as I am under investigation!! God knows what they must all be thinking.....my partner or family never worked for them so why they should victimise them I don't know?
  9. Any further advice......should I put in an estoppel claim now or wait until the day? Do I have to inform the court that I will be relying on this before I go? Any help appreciated
  10. Should also mention even after the dismissal in Jan 2010 I received a without prejudice letter in November 2011 wanting payment with added interest from first hearing....they even had the court case number on the letter asking for payment even though they obviously new the case was struck out.......is that legal?
  11. Thanks for all your help. Employer hadn't investigated but said ahe was gathering facts and when I finally snappped due to the meetings and continuos insinuations I had something wrong she said if i wasn't happy then I should resign. She said that would be the end of the matter for me and she had advice from her manager and HR and then agreed my terms of resignation in last week of Novemebr which were no further actions against me, I get a reference and they pay me until Dec31. Wish I had stayed now and fought my corner and forced them to investigate to clear my name. Looks like she just g
  12. Thank you so much for responding......I will see if I can speak to a solicitor about this on Monday although I have googled tribunal and it looks like I can do it online myself..I wonder if anyone has had experience of this before.....sorry to be a pain but can't afford a solicitor to be honest!
  13. Also looks like judge says hadn't made a final judgement by the looks of it but dismissed the claimants case for reversing a previous struck out? Might be why they are trying again but still don't know why they are using exactly the same argument and evidence that the first judge didn't accept i.e original copy of assignment? Any help appreciated. Thinking of ringing their person and offering some form of payment plan even though I don't believe I owe it in the first place!!
  14. Thank you. The judge in the earlier hearing had said the claimant could reissue.....I only got a copy of that order about three weeks ago when claimant served papers to me. It was all around the deed of assignment....they had served me with a notice of assignment but the judge in 2009 said they had to provide a copy of the original deed of assignment but didn't even after judgen ordered hence dismissal I think. Thing is they still haven't provided copy but just the notice of asignment and now think this might be enough for them if they are going ahead with it again?
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