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  1. Read somwhere on the forum that cap1 is good at keeping historic data (I took credit card in 2005) so they might as well produce it. If so, how would I know if its enforcable or not?
  2. Another letter from Lowell, they are still waiting for my CC agreement from Cap1. This time they told me me I would have to pay all outstanding balance in one go once they send me my CCA. Are they trying to threaten me? I have been already waiting 20 days for them to get the documents to me and now they state I will have to pay immediately? What is this all about? They haven't even adhered to the regulatory time limit for sending the cca. Has anybody got a similar letter?
  3. Thanks dx, haha, so no letting them know I noticed they are sloppy with supplying the docs?
  4. Some update on Lowell - Cap1, I sent Lowell cca request, then got a letter back telling me they are in the process of obtaining it from the OC, the statutory time (12 + 2 ?) have passed since, what do I do now? Shall I wait for the CCA or send them a letter telling them, they exceeded time limit? Please help, thanks guys. x
  5. dx100, I am doing a bit of reading around but the lingo sounds a bit puzzling and unfamiliar, still I am trying to learn how to deal with DCAs. I always thought one has to pay them the money otherwise they take people to court. Well, thanks to this site I am discovering that actually I have some rights too. Not sure if I have enough rights to get me through, sound and dry but worth trying. haha! Brigadier, letter ready to send tomorrow, I am writing to Ellington House as opposed to to box. Thamks guys for your responses
  6. Thanks guys, I will keep my eye on the credit files. Is Equifax in any way working together with lowell? I mean, do they give them details of people whose defaults nearing statue barred? Strangely enough my default was only entered with equifax, my scores with others are clean. One more question, how quickly do I need to reply with cca request to lowells? Can I stall for a bit or are they going to hit me with ccj if I won't make a contact? Anybody got opinion on that? cheers xxx
  7. so another 6 years of default on file from September????
  8. Got notice of assignment from lowells today with cap1 logo, looks dodgy. It says . ... After 30 days from the date of me receiving this letter lowell is going to start reporting against my credit file, has anybody got a clue what they mean by this? Shall I check my credit score as I heard some DCAs re-set the date of the default on cra to the date they purchased the debt, is that legal?
  9. I too found noa from Cap1 on my doormat today, seems like they sent a lot of letters on the 1st of August. Is it really Lowell who fabricates them? Mine was signed by Michael Woodburn VP Risk Operations, strangely enough the signature looks very pixelated as if photocopied from another document. Usually all docs comming from Cap1 have nice and crispy signatures, so perhaps it's true that lowell makes them themselves or maybe I am being too susupicious in my desperation?
  10. BRIGADIER2JCS, you have been very helpful. Thanks for your guidance, I needed some good advice as I am not too savvy in dealing with DCAs and easily get intimidated by threats. I will take my first step then and see happens . Probably will need more support as I feel they are not going to be easy to deal with.
  11. Ah, ok and cheers for that. i understand the next thing for me to do is to send CCA request to lowell and see what they might produce. Not quite sure what a legible copy constitutes though, a fax or photocopy with my signature? Cap1 claimed they did not have to send me a cca with my name and date of birth and Terms and Conditions sheet would be sufficient for them to supply instead. Is any document with cap1 logo, my signature and T&Cs classified as a legible copy? Can they simply paste bits and pieces together and make it stand in court? Have go
  12. Thanks for your clarification, sorry I am a bit under informed about the things they can do to me, they have the skill of reducing me to a trembling, nervous wreck. I read a few threads here and there is a mention of pre 2007 credit card agreements with cap1 being un-enforceable in court, can anybody shine some more light on this please? Thanks
  13. just had a look through the past files on this debt, previous DC agency failed to supply credit agreement, they sent a photocopy of a fax with bad writing and a box with signature. I did SAR Cap1, they supplied tonnes of confusing docs and computer screenshot prints, no agreement though, just terms and conditions sheet. Told me they are not obliged to send it to me. What documents Lowells need to make this debt stand in court? I will send them cca request but do they need to supply notice of assignment too? The default on my credit file was placed in oc
  14. Thanks dx Can they take me to court?
  15. I too had mine from Lowell today, my debt is nearing statue barred in October
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