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  1. Can someone please tell me what legal dictionary would be most used in a uk court to obtain a definition and where to view a copy of it online. Many Thanks
  2. Sorry to bother you folks but does anyone think i may be right about them not having agreement, is it worth pushing some more, or am i barking up wrong tree ? Cheers
  3. Can someone tell me what legal definition dictionary a judge or lawyer would use ? I have looked up Joint and several, which i know is basically either or both or all parties are liable BUT it goes on to say "... only if their concurrent acts brought about the harm to the plaintiff." which i think may be important. Thank You
  4. Sorry for keep posting, just got my brain working. The more i think about this the more i may be right. They appointed a solicitor to handle this who first wrote in July and ever since i asked them for information despite doing a CCA and DPA request back in August and telling them hubby sold car, i have had nothing. I have been a real pest calling 2-3 times per week when deadlines were up and have had nothing but excuses and we are waiting for information from solicitors, i even joked with them it should you be chasing not us, it was only when i told them i was going direct the pa
  5. Me Again, sorry. Just looked at both sig pages, blank and signed one. They both have same agrement number at base and ref number top right, so how can you have 2 signature pages for same agreement,these are 2 different pages from a document which should only have one ever. i first thought they had included a blank file sig page because signed one was to small to read, but not so. I think they may ONLY have a faxed signature and dealer warranty page on file, no original signed contract,and may have re done page 1 and 2 fresh for me. If this is the case this is vital so
  6. Hi Folks, I have found something maybe funy with the agreement i was sent and need your views please. Two more pages attached, plus ones from earlier post. I was sent agreement first page (IMG) marked 1 of 4, blank key info/sig page marked 2 of 4 (IMG 1),T & C page 3 of 4, (img 1 agn soz). ALL were full size A4 non faxed. No page 4 of 4 at all Then Key info/sig page signed and dated (1st post img) and dealer warranty sheet (this post img) BOTH these although on A4 paper are small A3 size FAXES dated 1 & 2/8/06, agreement date. Although the small sign
  7. Cheers Rob, I found the dodgy DN one, but will take a look at other two. That tale of yours and it's post made me tired and gave me a headache just reading let alone living it, good on you and hope it soon ends. All the best and have a good weekend all
  8. Hi All, Just looked at another great post started by harry may, oct 08 and 42man's posts, they set the DN thing and not being able to re issue out clearly. Re checked the dates on this one and either way still wrong. Letter which came with DN, dated 2/11 says 14 days to clear arrears which would still be 20/11 after 2 days post, the day they terminated, so 13 days anyway. BUT the actual DN states, before 16/11 which is only 10 days. So wrong both ways, not forgetting wrong address as well. Looking at the posts although the are countless success stories, the see
  9. Cheers Rob for your further posting. Just looked at your post, JESUS !, did you and he put some effort and fight into it, Fair play and full credit. This site and the people on it (and what a great bunch you are) seem to be telling me one thing which i am beginning to believe. A lot of cases on here are pre CCJ granting, but DESPITE the CCJ has been granted in this one it can and should be set aside because the DN notice was sent to wrong address and not enough time given, even the insolvency service web site lists not receiving DN as a set aside reason. BUT, the so call
  10. Cheers Rob, I note 42man's post says calender rather than working days for DN 14 day limit. The postage says working but i could only find 14 days mentioned in act,so may need to check if still out of calender deadline. Thanks again
  11. I am confused folks and need some more advice please. Lady in question just had meet with proper (?) contract solicitor who said the no DN was only reason to request a hearing and prepare a case and a judge would not autumatically set aside because of it. She also said even if set aside given the was nothing stopping them sending a new DN and termination notice and getting a new CCJ. Is some all or none of this right please ?
  12. Thanks for the link and explanation folks, it's set out as clear as day in that. At the end of the day not only should they have served DN at agreement address where she was still living, because she had not contacted them to change it, the was not enough time given to respond anyway. Not sure about interest and option fees mentioned above though being right or wrong. Correct me if i am wrong but this is a clear reason to have CCJ set aside with little defence for them to offer ? I think i may contact them say nothing about mistakes, find out if they intend to chase husban
  13. Thanks Rob for your input, The claim form says DN served by 1st class post 2/11 and termination issued on 20/11. Does that not mean IF posted on letter date, 2/11 add 2 full days post, so 14 days start on 5th and end on 18th, so 20th day serving is just in ? Cheers
  14. Very sorry Rob, thats me not had enough space to load all papers DN was 2 pages, it is dated 2/11, but first page does say 14 days to clear, so is that ok with termination dated 20/11 ?
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