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  1. thank you so much for ur comments the police have ruined my life i have never been in any trouble of any kind ther is not a thing on mr crb apart from that paragraph my company has since told me they cant employ me because of it i cant believe it my only crime was knowing these people which is because i live on the same estate as them and known them since childhood it is beyond a joke my career is over until i get that removed which will be a long process they jut cant do this 2 people i cud potentially lose my house aswell because now i have no income do u think i shud write 2 the chief police officer
  2. I have been training for over a year for a position in Youth Work caring for autistic and vulnerable children. I waited 9 weeks for my enhanced CRB to come back, I have no criminal record, warnings, repremands etc yet a comment by the police chief officers discretion has entirely ruined my career chances of ever working in this area which I have thrived for over a year. The company which was going to employ me offered me the position subject to my CRB which I received yesterday with comments about being involved in the supply of drugs which is far from the truth. I live on a small estate where there are some un-savoury characters to which I have been to school with and known throughout most of my life, these people have been involved in the supply of drugs but just because I know these people I have been tarred with the same brush, I believe it to be discrimination and against my rights as a human being. My company will now not employ me until that has been removed and I went to see a solicitor which I believe to not be of any use as he said all I can do is contest it through the CRB which is not good enough for me as I believe this is Libel/Slander. I am a married man of 29 years old and has alot to offer the industry that I am trying to go into yet this false statement has ruined my life and my career, I also had to explain to my family the reason I have not been given the job. CAN ANYBODY OUT THERE PLEASE HELP ME, ANY INFORMATION WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. THANKS
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