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  1. LATEST REPLY FROM THEM A MiniCredit Harship Department member has replied to your application, #102610 with the following response: The following response is being sent to You according to the Formal Hardship Procedure. Thank You for Your feedback, however in order to make a proper assessment we have attached a Hardship Application which we would kindly ask You to fill out. Please provide us with the supportive documentation confirming unexpected loss of employment after or during the tima the loan was issued and payslips confirming Your previous and current income if You
  2. thank you i would appreciate a more knowledgeable persons letter
  3. i have no idea how to reply to this A MiniCredit Harship Department member has replied to your application, #102610 with the following response: The following response is being sent to You according to the Formal Hardship Procedure. What do the terms fair and realistic mean? The Customer whose financial difficulties were caused by an unavoidable and unforeseen circumstance should be in favor over the Customer to whom the non-repayment was known at the time of taking out the loan. Depending on the cause of the difficulties the creditor should consider suspending
  4. latest reply from these guys any sugestions on how i proceed(without making it worse) A MiniCredit Harship Department member has replied to your application, #102610 with the following response: The following response is being sent to You according to the Formal Hardship Procedure. If You are refusing to provide us any supportive documentation and to support Your claim of unforeseen circumstances - we will not be able to reduce the balance further. The balance provided to You is already fair and realistic especially considering the fact that You have given us false and mis
  5. [ATTACH]44741[/ATTACH] erm well quite simply i got a loan of 220 from them,fully expecting i could pay it back before due date,but in the interim my dogs got ill and we have also found out he has a heart murmur and this is costing us a lot,im not entirely sure what itemisation you would like re this debt,i know they are a bunch of muppets-(i must add when i originally applied for a loan way back last year i was employed and it was paid back early however this one i wasnt employed,but it was just a case of clicking the apply button since i had an existing account) but from whit you put i
  6. oh no ive not entered into any dmp with a paid company yet was just debating it,im currently personally trying tosort minicredit myself,hence me wanting to know where i legally stand,go through the forums theres lots of advice but i dont know which path to take,do i stand firm with minicredit,tell them i have jsa to live on and just stick to that,do i leave it and wait till their dca gets intouch,do i go dmc route
  7. thank you renegadeimp do you know if idebt plan are legit dmc ? im not particulaly scared of them,but i would like to know where i stand legally before i stand my ground.i dont want to be spouting nonsense to them,letting them i dont have a clue inadvertantly. is there any suggested reading for me on this re rights when it comes to these companies
  8. i chose to speak to them,perhaps unwisely(i have kept it to email) they now are requesting documents relating to my finances and employment(or lack of) and the guy seems to be trying to boggle me . i have read these forums before asking for help and tried to apply some tactics ive seen mentioned elsewhere but im out of my depth and i think the guy knows it, this was theyre last reply to me Without the documentation we asked we are not able to assess your financial situation, calculate and affordable installment for a payment plan and consider a decrease of charges. As You
  9. hi all,i wont bore you with the ins and outs of my loan,but top and bottom is i cannot afford to repay it at this moment in time. i have told minicredit and started a negotiotion /discussion with them. they have sent me this and i just wondered if the charges were legit,it seems exessive to me on an original 220 quid loan to owe 500+ i would appreciate if anybody who has had more experience with them could advise on how i proceed from here The first option is a roll-over. Roll-over is available 3 days before the due date and allows You to extend the loan for up to 30 days i
  10. well it seems ebuyer has chosen to close my account with them before settling this,so it would appear anything goes wrong with my new gpu now and im stuffed re the warrenty?
  11. ,i recently purchased quite an expensive graphics card off them,my decision partly swayed by the ex display discount and partly by the promise of 4 free games,however ebuyer chose not to send me the needed voucher for the games redemption,and upon telling them of this error the guy on the phone decides to tell me that "oh it was an error in the listing somebody just copied and pasted it you dont get them" erm,how is that my problem,i made an offer to purchase a graphics card and 4 game,an offer which was made into a legal contract as i understand it to supply goods as soon as you they
  12. thank you flumps pout my mind at rest a little
  13. does anybody know if this affected jsa payments too,i was due to sign on the 26th,recieved payment as i normally would on the 29th,then on the 5th i recieved exactly half a payment-exactly a week early,not due to sign again till the 9th with a payment on 12th allways get very worried when i recieve random payments,im meticolous about complying with wp and the jc ,first thisn that goes through my head is ive been sanctioned and not informed ,or somebody has told the jc im working or some other lie and they stop money with not informing me. hopefully it is just a balls up,hate the kids
  14. lol my grammar wasn't the best there was it i meant id received the ps3 yesterday-10 days after taking out the agreement,a simple comma could have sorted that it failed within 30 mins of using it but all is well took it back got a nice new one and have a very happy son now-just in time for the school hols too i know bh get some grief on here and justified it is too,but i have to give credit to the majority of staff in the bramley ,leeds store,they are genuinely helpful and pleasant (but i must qualify this by saying ive not been in arrears with them,i dare say that would
  15. ok ,quick run down,my sons 360 dies,he crys and srys-schools hols coming up,i cave and decide to get him a new ps3 from bh being a previous good customer 6 month ago i wasnt expecting any issues getting anything-but ive moved since redid all there rigmarole-passed there credit check thing,level 4 i think she told me,anyways i was told i had to have qr stock due to this-they had none and i had to have delivered anyways since i had moved 10 days after it was delivered(today).missing the 3 games that were supposed to be included(got on blower,was told they would find me them) put
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